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CyanogenMod WiMAX Alpha ROM gives 4G back to rooted HTC EVO

Wimax-cyanogen-evo It's only been a few weeks since VIP devs Shinzul and toastcfh accomplished the monumental task of getting 4G working on the AOSP-based CyanogenMod custom ROM and as of yesterday, the fruits of all their hard work can now be enjoyed by anyone with a fully rooted HTC EVO.

CyanogenMod WiMAX Alpha, as the new ROM and kernel combo are being called, is now available for flashing. As is evident from its name, the ROM is still an alpha so there are bugs like not being able to use WiFi while 4G is on and having to reboot the EVO to turn 4G back on. 4G tethering isn't working either, and you need to follow specific steps to turn 4G on in the first place.

Even so, the ROM is stable enough for some (including Shinzul) to use as their daily driver and will only continue to get better over time. Nothing can stand in the way of the EVO community!

Ready for 4G on CyanogenMod? Hit the link below for everything you need to know.

[xda-developers] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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22 thoughts on “CyanogenMod WiMAX Alpha ROM gives 4G back to rooted HTC EVO

  • WOOOOOOO!!!!!! Downloading and Flashing now! Thanks!

  • Avatar of GRRemlin

    I can’t wait to switch to CM… I used it on my G1, but because there was no 4G for EVO, I held off. My wait is over. Goodbye bloatware Sense

  • What’s the point of these roms if u have to jump thru hoops just to get stuff to work. I don’t get it……

  • ill stick to the current CM rom until the loops and bugs are fixed. awesome rom might i add.

  • The point is that if you’re up for reading the instructions, it allows you to get rid of crap like Sprint NASCAR (or whatever it is that you don’t use that the carriers force feed you).

  • All you have to do is root in order to get rid of the bloatware. Flashing a half-working custom rom is not necessary.

  • I’ve tried CM roms and honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. Especially since there are a few non-working parts. Not to knock it, I’m not a dev and could never do what they do, but I think Myn’s rom is way better, and everything works like it should right out the box.

  • Ha I was just about to write this! I don’t really get why they are so great? I also respect the work they do for free and appreciate it but, I thought sense was much better then anything aosp.

  • Explain why Sense is a bloatware.

  • In addition to 4G, it took them months to hash out bugs for the camera, HDMI out, FCs, random reboots, etc. I got tired of it.

    After CM WIMAX is gold for a while, I’ll give it a try. Til then no dice.

  • Thats my thing tho, even once the kinks get worked out, there is nothing special about it. And people complain about sense like they have to use it. There are other launchers out there. I use Myn’s Warm twopointwo which is Sense based, but I use Launcher pro instead of Sense. And its just as fast as as CM.

  • Sense roms are just that sense Ports! Cyanogenmods are coded from the ground up, of course it takes longer to get the bugs working but the end result is 1000x better than any sense. AOSP in its purest form for those true Android geeks.

  • I’m in agreement with you. DFrance21

    CM WIMAX ROM has following known 4G bugs and missing functionality according to the XDA thread:

    * If you have Wimax on, DO NOT USE WIFI
    * There is a Wimax section of Wireless Settings. THIS DOES NOT WORK YET.
    * If you disable Wimax it will automatically re-enable itself if you reboot.
    * You can’t really turn Wimax back on without rebooting the phone.
    * When you turn off Wimax it does not automatically re-enable 3G.(WORKAROUND: disable and re-enable wireless data – will fix this)
    * There is no 4G icon This has been a low priority, and may still be… sorry.
    * You cannot tether over 4G yet. This is likely to change eventually.
    * There is no button to connect to 4G. This will change.

    Expecting gold release sometime in Feb/March? I’m probably going to be on another phone by then.

  • wow… so much animosity. toast and shinzul achieved what was thought to be unachievable for months. drop the stupid ass sense vs aosp debate and actually appreciate what android is all about: choices, freedom, and hardworking devs working to bring you amazing software.

    *shakes head*

  • I don’t think its animosity, no one is being disrespectful. Debates are part of a public forum as peoples opinions differ.

  • debate is good, especially when someone has become emotional about a stance or preference on something that is their opinion and they state their opinion it as fact.i have a stong opinion and i wont tell ya on which side i stand but i will give you a hint : i like reliability and options, not just options. as a whole i love android and i love to see it blossom everyday.

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    Any one Dl the new myn warm rsl 5 ? Got the invite to do it today.

  • Avatar of Evobluballs

    Just have to say the new myn rls5 is amazing !!! So much better then rls4. Anyone else updated to myn? What you think?

  • It’s nice so far. Quite smooth except the 4G toggle in the notification power controls doesn’t work. Other than that, all good.


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