Dragontrail Glass: For when you want to hit your gadget with a hammer

This guest article was submitted by Aaron Orquia.


Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been the device glass of choice for consumers thanks to its extreme durability and resistance to scratching. Many consumers will not even consider a device unless it is equipped with Gorilla Glass.

But a Japanese company called Asahi Glass aims to change this. It has developed a super tough scratch-resistant glass called Dragontrail, and it's aimed directly at the market that used to belong to Gorilla Glass.

Dragontrail has been two years in the making and is actually 6 times tougher than traditional glass. It is resistant to pretty much everything. It's impossible to scratch, difficult to break, and tough to shatter. To be more scientific about it, the glass can resist a 60 kg force without breaking and can take a direct hit from a hammer without shattering! Don't believe me?

Asahi Glass hopes to move around $365 million dollars of inventory and gain 30% of the glass market for mobile devices.

Considering the astounding properties of its new product, I would not be surprised if the company accomplished its goals. I know that I wish all my devices utilized this technology, and I cannot wait until I can purchase a device and test out this superglass for myself.


This guest article was submitted by Aaron Orquia.

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3 thoughts on “Dragontrail Glass: For when you want to hit your gadget with a hammer

  • Just a small typo, “test out this for superglass myself.” Should be “test out this superglass for myself”

  • Lol your icon looks like broken glass ^^

  • Where do i buy dragontrail glass for my phone


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