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EA Mobile offers Scrabble and other games for HTC EVO not available in Android Market


Gameloft takes a lot of flak for keeping most of its HD games out of Android Market, selling the titles available on its own website instead, but did you know that EA Mobile does the same thing? The company has four games in the Market (Tetris, FIFA 10, Sims 3, and Need for Speed Shift), but if you visit on your HTC EVO, you'll be redirected to an EVO-optimized page that lists some additional titles, including Scrabble and Worms. Need for Speed Shift isn't included for some reason, but that's already in the Market so it doesn't really matter.

Note that only some of them are designated as HD games, which is likely why Scrabble doesn't fill the entire screen on my EVO and looks a little fuzzy compared to its iOS counterpart (it appears to be a direct port of an early version).

Evo-ea-buygame Evo-ea-buy

As with Gameloft, games can be purchased directly from the EA Mobile site on your EVO and charged to your phone bill.

My guess is that purchased games can't be transferred to another Android device, but I don't know for sure because even though my "content order was successful" four times (twice on WiFi, twice on 3G), I wasn't actually able to download any of the games I "successfully" bought. Every time I tried, I got a "download unsuccessful" notification without an explanation. I don't know if the problem is specific to my EVO, but take this as a warning and buy at your own risk.

Since I paid for four games and didn't get a single one, though, I figured it was okay for me to take an illegitimate route to at least get Scrabble. Google makes the apk easy to find.


As I mentioned earlier, it looks to be a port of the original iOS version (the current iOS is much better; see a screenshot from my iPhone 4 here) and clearly not optimized for the EVO's screen resolution. But hey, Scrabble is Scrabble and if you can get the purchase/download process to work on your EVO, then EA Mobile is just one more place to get some new games that aren't in the Market.

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