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Froyo OTA update for AT&T-locked Dell Streak delayed “a couple more weeks at least”

Att-logo-imgonl It's now the middle of January 2011. Which version of Android is your Dell Streak running?

If you've got yourself an AT&T-locked Streak and aren't already running one of DJ_Steve's amazing StreakDroid Froyo ROMs, which is now at version 1.6.0, then I bet you're still using Android 1.6 (Donut). You're probably part of the only group of Streak users still on Donut left in the world and based on a company email I received from a tipster, it looks like you'll continue to be sans Froyo for at least a few more weeks.

The last word we heard about the official OTA update for AT&T-locked Streaks was that it would be coming this week. But considering that it's now Friday and many of you are still looking at Donut on your Streaks, it's safe to say that the update has once again been delayed.

Here's the body of an internal Dell email that was forwarded to me:

Sorry for getting back to you so late, but as you probably guessed we / AT&T are not releasing the update this week. I'd say a couple of more weeks at least. AT&T is pretty thorough in their QA sessions and that's where we are.

I'm sure that Dell isn't completely blameless for the delay, but AT&T is undoubtedly the main party at fault here.

According to an article published just yesterday at Computerworld, AT&T is "the least desirable [carrier] choice for Android" and has so far "failed to upgrade a single one of its nine Android phones" to Froyo. So if it's any consolation to you Donut users out there, the Streak isn't the only one that AT&T is leaving out in the cold.

Thanks, tipster!

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