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How to get faster 3G speeds and better music streaming on your rooted HTC EVO (Sense only)

Evo-3gboost Running a Sense-based ROM (with EPST) on your rooted HTC EVO 4G? Then here's a quick and easy tip sent to me by G&E reader Shadnix that's made just for you.

With it, you can increase your 3G speeds by up to 600 kbps and fix the music streaming issue that was introduced with the latest software update (version 3.70.651.1) so that you can get a strong and steady stream from your favorite music apps and internet radio stations.

It can be done under a minute, it's reversible (always create a Nandroid backup just in case), and it's free. Note that flashing a new ROM will overwrite the new settings, which means you'll have to re-do them on the new ROM to reap the rewards. This also means that you cannot flash a Sense-based ROM to do this and then flash an AOSP-based ROM and expect to see the improvements.

The fix has been used to correct audio streaming problems on the EVO in the past, as well as on other Android phones that pre-date the handset, but this is one of the first times that it's been specifically promoted for boosting 3G speeds. So if you didn't pay attention to it before, here it is again.

Here's how to improve 3G speeds and music streaming on your rooted HTC EVO running a Sense-based ROM.

1. Download and install MSL Reader from Android Market:


2. Open MSL Reader and tap the "Read MSL" button.


3. Memorize or write down your MSL/SPC number. You'll need it later.


4. Now open the Phone app on your HTC EVO and dial ##3282# (pressing the last # will automatically bring up the EPST window you see in the first image below).

Snapshot Snapshot2 Snapshot3

5. Tap Edit Mode > enter the MSL/SPC number you got from MSL Reader in the Password box > press Advanced.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the list and locate the "HTTP PD Proxy Port" and "HTTP PD Proxy Address" entries.


7. Tap "HTTP PD Proxy Port" and change 8085 to 0, then tap "HTTP PD Proxy Address" and change to as shown below.


Some people have said that you also have to change your RTSP Proxy Port and RTSP Proxy Address to 0 and, respectively, but this may not be necessary.


And that's it. Now you should be able to enjoy faster 3G speeds and better music streaming quality.

I don't stream a lot of music, which is why the fix flew under my radar the first time it surfaced for the EVO, but my 3G download speeds definitely improved as you can see from the screenshot at the top of this post. I've never seen a 1.68Mbps peak from my living room before!

[xda-developers] Thanks, Shadnix!

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