How to mod OtterBox Defender case for Dell Streak 4800mAh extended battery

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StreakSmart reader Gene S. wasn't going to let anything stop him from buying the $130 Mugen Power 4800mAh extended battery for his Dell Streak. Not the price, not the thickness, not the likelihood that its stated capacity is inaccurate, and certainly not the fact that there aren't any cases on the market made for it.

Because who needs a case specifically made for the extended battery when Gene S. can just make his own? And with the help of his OtterBox Defender Series Case (review here) and a few tools, that's exactly what he did.

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Want to do it for your Dell Streak too?

What you need

What you do

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1. Insert the Mugen battery into the Streak's battery compartment and attach the back cover replacement.

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2. Place the Streak's original battery cover on the back half of the OtterBox Defender plastic hard case. Line up the edge of the battery cover with the speaker opening of the OtterBox case.

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3. Scribe with an Xacto knife or sharp blade.

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4. Use a rotary tool to cut out the opening.

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5. Put the Streak into the OtterBox Defender hard case. The Mugen battery willl fit perfectly through the new cutout.

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6. Stretch the OtterBox Defender silicone skin over the hard case. It will be a tight fit.

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If some of the silicone comes out of place (and it probably will after a few days), use double-sided tape to secure it.

Note: This modded case is not compatible with the holster/belt clip that comes with the OtterBox Defender case (unless you mod it too, of course).

Thanks, Gene S.!

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