Long-awaited Nokia N9 could be headed for debut at MWC packing 1.2GHz Atom


We've known about the Nokia N9, the company's next flagship smartphone and probably the first to launch with MeeGo, for a while now, and even got a sneak peak of it last summer. But some new information regarding the device and its potential launch has taken the anticipation levels up a notch. Previously, Nokia had clearly stated that its first MeeGo device would use an ARM processor, putting those dreams that the company would be going straight to an Intel Atom-powered device running the OS on ice. But the latest information from Prosessori, a respected Finnish tech site, claims that the Nokia N9 will now launch with one of Intel's new 1.2GHz Atom Z6xx (Moorestown) processors, with a possible unveiling on the cards for the Mobile World Congress at the beginning of February.

This all sounds quite plausible and logical, with the N9 still being in development and the company going through some management reorganizations that may have changed priorities and the roadmap. With the Finnish giant's pressing need to play catch-up in the smartphone race, particularly in the US, a flagship device featuring an all-new OS and processing technology would definitely make a big splash. Keeping in mind Nokia's hardware and software alliance with Intel, it seems certain a Nokia device with Intel Inside will happen and if it ends up being the N9 that would be extremely exciting indeed.

[Prosessori via Engadget]
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