Ocosmos confirms CES attendance with teaser image


Following the release of the official specs of the Ocosmos OCS1 last November, we noticed that the planned Q1 2011 launch date coincided nicely with CES at the beginning of the new year, raising our hopes that Ocosmos and the OCS1 would be at the show in one form or another with more detailed information leading up to the actual launch. It now looks certain that our fascination with the impressive UMPC will be further fueled with confirmation that Ocosmos will be exhibiting at CES, marking the announcement with the release of the teaser image above. With other clues of what the company has up its sleeve including a handheld games machine running some form of Windows 7 and powered by a dual-core Intel processor, it all looks and sounds pretty similar to the OCS1 that we have already seen.

Regardless of whether it's the OCS1, a further developed version of the OCS1, or a new device altogether, I can't wait to see what Ocosmos has in store for UMPC fans, particularly since UMPCs are becoming such a rare breed. Although to be honest, I am still unsure about the inclusion of game controls and the positioning of the device as a handheld games machine. Are you looking forward to see what Ocosmos will bring to CES?

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