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Post comments and win an iPad 2 or tablet of your choice!

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy writing articles to add some content to our new site, and we’re finally at the point where it’s time to officially launch Nothing But Tablets. To kick some life in the site we’re giving away an iPad 2 or tablet of the winner’s choice for posting comments here at the blog. But we didn’t want to stop there! A second prize will be given out for posting in the Nothing But Tablets forum. The winner there will receive a WiFi Kindle. Two chances to win, just for joining the conversation! Details after the jump.

The rules are simple: comment on any article on the site, and you’re automatically entered into the drawing. You can comment as often as you want, each comment increases your chance to win. The contest is open to anyone who can receive mail- we cover shipping, the receiver will be responsible for any custom fee if applicable in your country.

The prize is an iPad 2 (as long as it’s out by the time the contest ends, or you can wait for it if you like and we will send when it is available) or a tablet of the winner’s choice up to $600. There’s a bunch of tablets in that range from different manufacturers; the iPad, Asus EEE tablets, Viliv tablets, Archos tablets, Kindle DX etc. The contest will run until the end of February, so by then I’m sure there will be even more to pick from!

We’re also giving away a Kindle WiFi to a random forum participant. Same rules apply, so be sure to check and comment both the main site and the forums!

While we do encourage people to comment as much as possible, comments and posts should have substance and add to the conversation. Like any other community we reserve the right to delete comments that do not add to the conversation.

That’s it for the contest details, so what are you waiting for? Go comment!

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Andreas Ødegård

Andreas Ødegård is more interested in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware than chasing the latest gadgets. His day job as a teacher keeps him interested in education tech and takes up most of his time.

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326 thoughts on “Post comments and win an iPad 2 or tablet of your choice!

  • Nice site – of course it will be one of my favorite site, since my husband got an iPad for christmas. To save our marrige we have to get one more . . . Hope you will writ a lot of things I can use my iPad for, what apps is nice to use? What things can I do with my iPad. Hope you will get a lot of readers!!!

  • you guys have been keeping busy!! any way i can contribute?? looking for any employees?? i can use a little side income.
    one question:
    why isn’t this one named, “anythingbutipad?”

      • Yes, excluding 150% of the market would be a bad move. Congrats on getting the site launched. Never thought it would happen :P (just kidding). If I win can I have an etch-a-sketch? That’s not my final choice though, an abacus is also kinda flat if you lay it down.

          • I just saw that in SkyMall on my flight home from CES! very clever

          • @Enzo – Yeah, I love those SkyMail magazines. Interesting reads, too bad nothing is affordable or practical! Novel and cleaver ideas though.

  • This is a great idea!!

  • Awesome!

  • Looking forward to seeing pricing on that Motorola Xoom.

    • Same here – The Xoom looks great but if over $500 or $600 it would seem far less attractive.

      • Avatar of bolliby

        Totally agree. Somewhere around $50 would do nicely lol

  • Avatar of jlong64

    Wow, what a great contest thanks!

  • I’m all in to this contest!

  • Avatar of vaistyle

    Nice site. Hope to get more tablet info from you guys.

  • Awesome! This is a great way to promote your site. I’m definitely getting your RSS feed now…

  • This is so fantastic that you guys can do this! I’ve been with AnythingButIpod for a while – introduced me to iriver, one of my favorite DAP makers (who has unfortunately been slipping recently). Currently on a ZHD. The branching out is fantastic, seeing how successful you guys have been, and I’m looking forward for this site to gain in popularity.

  • Also: Was any info released about the Xoom’s plans on 3G/4G? I imagine that it will be released through carriers but hope that also they release Wifi-only models, a la iPad.

  • Congrats!
    That’s a great idea, I sure that tablets will change the computing industry forever.
    I’m really interesting in seeing the new android 3.0 and the playbook in real life.

  • Avatar of Advaith

    This is a great idea! Thanks for doing this!

  • Comments on this article counts as well? And will you take away my current Kindle if I don’t win one from posting in the forum? :)

  • Well this is awesome! Count me in!
    Looks like you’ll be having some informative articles too, so I’m adding you to google reader as well :)

  • Been looking all over for a good source of tablet information. Anythingbutipad never seemed to really evolve. Here’s hoping nothingbuttablets is a great success!

  • Nice site. I’m glad it was re-skined (unlike anythingbutiphone). I’ll be adding this site to my feed reader.


  • Avatar of Arsenios

    Hey been following for a long time, absolutely love it and will be checking this one too now. Im a student at university and would like to get a tablet, but they are too expensive :( hope i win….good luck to all :)

  • Avatar of etch04

    great site!

  • Avatar of garcsa

    Hi, prize! :)

  • Avatar of OctaneZ

    Why why the nook review over on AnythingButiPod but not here?

  • Avatar of peter bernd

    wow. didn’t know that this site exists. nice work!

  • Avatar of electron

    nice idea guys! <-electron from abi here :)

  • Avatar of Brian Adams

    I’m all for the Motorola Xoom right now. And with all that Honeycomb goodness.
    And the specs are pretty nice.

  • Great idea! Thanks for the chance.

  • Avatar of CJ Dantoni

    Looking forward to the iPad 2.

  • Avatar of muaichound

    Wow, a tablet giveaway just for commenting? That is very nice of you Enzo. I think as long as the iPad 2 sports a camera and is more open to other gear, it would be a sure winner. I am also loving the Samsung Galaxy. That tablet is swelt!!!

  • Avatar of Weier Liu

    Awesome, I didn’t even know that this website existed. The design of the site looks nothing like ABI though! :O

  • Avatar of Ariel Herrera

    i got a new website to come to now :D

  • Avatar of sunami88

    Cool. I would’ve come here to comment even if there wasn’t a free tablet possibly up for grabs.

    I’ve always like the idea of a computer-ish tablet device. This site’ll make it all the easier for me to keep track of which is looking like the one for me, and when it’s about time to buy in.

    Keep up the good work, chap(ette?)s.

  • Avatar of McGyyver

    Nice! with anythingbutiphone that’s now 2 new websites i’m gonna check daily ;)

  • This is going to be great! Anythingbutiphone/ipod/ipad are always on my list off websites to check first.

  • Gee I hope I win (wink wink).

  • Avatar of sebastian

    This looks great!!

  • Avatar of Mr. Popo


  • Avatar of Graeme

    I like contests. I think I’ll like this site as well.

  • ooo!!! i want a tablet so bad!!! btw, cool site!

  • Really looking forward to this site…Cant wait to see what iPad 2 brings to the table?

  • Big fan of & the new site looks great! I’m looking forward to hearing your take on Notion Ink’s tablet and what Amazon’s answer to the tablet/readers will be.

  • Avatar of Roberto

    Waiting for the Galaxy Tab review!

  • Not a big fan of the iPad but I have to admit it is the only tablet that does it right, although Android 3.0 should help

    • Yeah – this is why I’m really looking forward to 3.0 and tablets like the Xoom to go public.

  • Avatar of Rob Schoenfeld

    Glad to see ABI expanded their content. Keep up the good work.

  • Avatar of Douglas Fellows

    Sweet. I have a Nook Color now and loving it. Adding another bookmark.

  • Avatar of caltemus

    Here’s to a windows 7 tablet

  • Avatar of Sergio

    wow this is a great way to kick off the site. Now I have a site to get tablet news!

  • been browsing through the abi forums for a while now. saw this on the home page. congrats on the new site. hopefully the forums here will offer informative posts for tablets just as abi does for audio/mp3 products.

  • Avatar of th3bl0b

    awesome! sounds like a great idea.

  • Avatar of AZAmazed

    yay another chance for free stuff although sadly, I never win when it comes to anything like this.

    • Keep dreaming – one of these times you’ll get something!

  • Avatar of Newman

    An Ipad2 why not :)

    Thank you for the Idea

  • Avatar of pajjap

    what features were added to ipad 2?

    thanks for this awesome chance… :)

  • Avatar of sideways

    Sweet, good luck everyone. Hope this garners a lot of interest.

  • Great giveaway!

  • Good luck with the new website. Tablets are about to take off, so your site is well timed.

  • Hmm… an ipad 2… I’ve heard that it will sport the next-gen apple chip, the A5 chip (or whatever you want to call). Looks like its gonna be a whole lot snappier than the current version… NICE ^^

  • Avatar of almosttrae

    awesome giveway :)good luck to everyone

  • Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Tablets are going to be big this year. Lots to choose from :)

  • Sounds like a great giveway. This site is also very nice. I wonder what will be in the ipad2

  • Are the forum logins here the same as AnythingButIpod or AnythingButIphone, or is it a new login system altogether?

  • ipad 2 will be the best.

  • Avatar of Willrandship

    Well, this sounds like a fun contest. Time to go find articles I have a strong opinion on :P

  • Avatar of Norbert Phan

    I would get the iPad 2, but since I dislike Apple so bad and I hate how the iPad UI is like, I think an Android is probably the best choice… if I win.

  • Let me just find my hat so I can throw it in the ring… :)

  • Well, I like the idea of an Android. But the iPad has more medical apps which I use for work and study (I’m a nurse). I use an iPod Touch at the moment bedside which gives me access to loads of information that I had to carry books for earlier. On the other hand, the Asus eee tablet looks quite handy too – if it’s the one with E-ink type LCD? I didn’t even think the ASUS was out yet?

    Anyway, good luck to you all!

    • The new, CES2011 Asus tablets are not out. However Asus have had EEE tablets on the market for a couple of years, running Windows 7

  • Awesome, I’ve yet to try using a tablet and would love to own one. It sounds like something I can use for 75% of my home computing (i.e. couch surfing, toilet chatting, ebook reading, etc.)

    Thanks for this great chance. I’ll definitely be a regular one here :)

  • Avatar of Tai Nguyen

    I like an Android Tablet . so if i can win , i will choose an Motorola Xoom .

    Thanks for the chance to win it .

  • Avatar of Matthew B.

    Awesome. I didn’t win on anythingbutiphone, hopefully here i’ll have more luck :)

  • Avatar of Huy Thach

    Never win any contest. Hope I’m lucky this time :)

  • I suppose drawing tablets don’t count?

    I’d love me a Cintiq

  • Avatar of pajjap

    good luck to everyone… i’m really looking forward to seeing a lot of reviews on different tablets in this site….

  • Avatar of Antoine Viannay

    Your website’s gonna explode !

  • Cool promo
    and not one of those promos that are limited to a region
    looking forward to a lot of reviews on tablets

  • Avatar of man0000

    Another great site.
    I agree with the promotion since the name of the site is not “anythingbutipad”.
    For now, I’ll say we are seeing some more than the past year in the market pool. Certainly, there are a lot more “tablets” to chose from but, I still think the manufacturers are cheating on us since they offer bloated products at unreasonable prices or cheap ones which offer poor to the potential buyers.
    Yes, I have some money to buy one but all I see are expensive 7″ “cool” stuff or 10″ “poor” ones(compared with the 7″).
    No one seems to have asked the consumer what they are looking for. I don’t see a real competitor for the iPad right now. Are there many?. I don’t think so. Many possibilities but not a real competitor.
    I seek for a gadget for same/less than the ipad price which offering me which “Uncle Steve” says I shouldn’t have.
    I don’t like Apple in any way but, I have to admit they entered the “tablet” run a bit late and were the first one in offering something real. Expensive, real and more a toy than something useful for many but, they were selling their product when the rest were attacking them for such a “terrible” product and its deficiencies. These people had been selling air for a year(CES is awesome but not REAL). When you try to sell something you have to do more than show how it will be and comply with the release dates and not tell people they are never going to see the product because it was only a “concept” and will never be released and then present another one that perhaps, will see the light (or not).
    I want one. One that can use and enjoy for a time (not only a season) and can afford.
    Is this something so fictional right now?!…
    Now, beat me up… Thanks…

  • Avatar of DickieE

    Since getting the iPad I rarely go on my computer. It does just about all the browsing I want to do. I still wish it had flash but it not having it only annoys me a little.
    Interested to see the best tablets this year fighting it out.

  • If I’m the lucky one, I hope it’ll be a Motorola Xoom. That looks so sweet :)

  • Avatar of carlo

    Great, I’ve been wanting tablet since the release of iPad. Good luck to me. Hopefully I win.

  • Avatar of higepiyo

    i will choose an Motorola Xoom or iPad 2 if I win

  • after losing the anythingbutiphone competition, i will give this a try :) lot’s of great opportunities, can’t wait :)
    does anyone know how to access the forums? it thinks i’m a spammer and won’t let me register, i can only view threads (no comments)

  • Excellent. Count me in.

  • I tried one of the Samsung Galaxy’s and loved it! I would love to win a free tablet!

  • Avatar of macilaci457

    Nice portal. Have a succesful Year! I’m in for a tablet!

  • wow thats pretty cool i rather have a android tab :D

  • Avatar of Mathis

    ipad 2, hopefully with retinadisplay… fits perfect for me^^

  • Avatar of Greg Humes

    Glad to see a more focused forum.

  • Avatar of selectortone

    My doctor told me I need to keep taking the tablets!

  • Avatar of Victor L

    I am a reader and this is my comment

  • Avatar of Matt Kirk

    Wow! An Ipad 2? Wonder what will be new?

  • Avatar of Matt Kirk

    I’d love to see a blackberry playbook vs iPad 2 showdown!

  • Hey Im cheap I would love to get a Nook Color and a Kindle to play with. Would even be willing to add a review for them. Would give me 21″ of viewing pleasure added to me Archos 70. Though if I got a Nook Color or other tablet I would sell or give away my Archos which I really enjoy.

  • Avatar of Unolord

    Glaxy Tab, Playbook, Xoom. Tons of good options coming this year. Can’t wait to be declared the winner.

  • That’s great!
    I just found out about this site and plan on visiting here regularly. A tablet is definitely in my plans. A free one would be just great!

  • Avatar of persona

    all the best for the new website!

  • Avatar of MrKanti

    You have my attention sir. There are some great choices coming out.

  • Avatar of Javier

    I had never seen an iPad until last Christmas. I think they’re interesting but I would like to learn more about them. Hopefully I’ll win a tablet and get some hands on experience ;)

  • This site is just the thing I was looking for. A site dedicated to analyzing/reviewing tablets. There are a lot of new products coming to market and trying to keep track of them on other tech sites is like finding a needle in a haystack.


  • Avatar of robert

    A tablet for free :) Nice :)

  • Avatar of macilaci457

    Will do what need to do. :-D

  • Good luck with this new adventure

  • With the rumors about the new webOS-based tablets, your winner might be waiting a little bit longer than you want to ;)

  • Sold!

  • Awesome!! I love all your websites.

  • Avatar of Stacy

    I was just doing some research on e readers and tablets so this would be a well used prize if I was to win.

  • Avatar of bolliby

    anything less than $600 at the end of feb means a lot of options. a lot

  • Avatar of Geraldo

    Awesome! Nice initiative to open the contest worldwide! I never won any contest on the web.
    I hope to win this! Live long and prosper to the website!

  • Avatar of Daniel

    Glad to see another site up and running!

  • Graet idea. I have limited knowledge of these devices.

  • What a good opportunity!

  • Thanks for the chance, a tablet would be awesome!

  • nothing but winning… haha i’ve always wanted to enter giveaways >.< i don't think ill win this

  • Great! It makes a nice change to have a contest open to non-US residents too!

  • I don’t want any free stuff.

    • Avatar of bolliby

      ???why would you ever say that???

  • Avatar of Curtis

    I’m really happy to see the ABI expanding into new areas of technology. I’ve never seen the importance of tablets that much, but then again I was never as absorbed in the vast world of MP3 players before I stumbled across ABI. I definitely look forward to reading NothingButTablets and learning more about what will probably become far more ubiquitous in daily life. Keep the content coming!

  • Love the articles and reviews on, glad too see you guys branching out and covering more stuff.

  • Let’s comment then!

  • Avatar of oakfan

    Wow like the site

  • Avatar of Korneel

    Let’s give this a try

  • comment2win!

  • Winning a tablet. I love it.

  • I hope to win!!

  • Avatar of Nicholas Battaglia

    I wouldn’t mind having a new tablet

  • Newspaper like website design is very clear, thanks!

  • Always wanted to know if a tablet would allow me to abandon my laptop entirely.

  • Avatar of 4udovishe

    I’m waiting for Motorola Xoom or Adam Notion Inc

  • Avatar of Russell Huang

    Sort of funny that this site is iOS optimized and abi isn’t… Is it weird that I read abi on my iPhone??

  • Congrats on getting the site up and running. Looking forward to reading many articles here.

  • Good luck to all. I’m glad to see that tablets are finally starting to emerge.

  • Avatar of Jklash

    This would be nice.

  • Avatar of bolliby

    any opinions on the exo pc? the os skin is really interesting

  • Sounds fantastic! I’m in! ;D

  • Avatar of Canadian

    Sweet this is great! :)

  • Avatar of dragnandy

    woo! i love comment contests!

  • Will be valuable if as professional as the anythingbutipod site.

  • Looking forward to reading the new site. Wouldn’t mind a tablet to read it on as well :)

  • I am in! :)

  • This is a great site. I’ve been “researching” tablets for about a month or so trying to determine which one would work best for the family. This site should help in deciding which one best fits our needs and will help keep me up on what’s new (and what’s not).Love the Anything But IPOD site, I’m sure this will be just as entertaining and informational. Keep up the great work.

  • Wow, that a lot of money when you think about it.

  • Good Luck to all who participate in this giveaway.

  • Avatar of The Larch

    great contest i will take the ipad2 or maybe the playbook.

  • This site is great, no really it is. This year is definitely going to be an exciting year for tablets. With no flying cars in sight at least we can get our hands on some tech that we first dreamed of watching star trek.

  • Avatar of Kingston


  • This trio of blogs is a great initiative! :D

  • Avatar of blegs38552

    I am a Kindle 2 owner, and a highly satisifed one at that. Nevertheless, an Ipad 2 would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • Avatar of tzimara

    The ipad introduced a whole new way of computing in the house. I would love to have one.

  • Avatar of Matt Kirk

    Wow! Count me into this contest!

  • Own a Pan digital Novel. Would love to have an ipad 2 or to that extent even a Notion Ink Adam.

  • Avatar of MattMcD

    Hopefully someone here will show some love for the blackberry playbook when it comes out! :-p

    • That seems like a great device, but if what’s rumored about email and push, etc. is true I think many would turn away from it.

  • Y’all DO realize that this isn’t the only article you can comment on?

  • is it end of February yet?
    my mega-million tickets are not having much luck.. maybe this one…

  • Would you want the tablet chosen by the winner within a few days of the end of the contest, or would you be willing to wait a few months if products are announced but not released?

  • Avatar of bolliby

    so many options, but seeing as most of the non-apple tablets aren’t 100% consumer ready, the ipad 2 seems to be the best choice.

  • Avatar of Reelon

    I would really like a Samsung Galaxy tablet!!!!

  • Avatar of tapieromateo

    so basically once i leave this comment i’m inside, right?

  • Awesome, don’t know what tablet I’d like yet, but still.

  • Avatar of ix3pho

    Ipad for the win! =]

  • Avatar of Shenyue

    hmm ive been craving the eee MEmo since engadget went to ces..

  • Amazing Giveaway.

  • Avatar of Lisa I.

    I’m a new mental health counselor working with teens struggling with addiction. An iPad would be an amazing resource for me to write case notes, scribble drawings and diagrams for the kids to look at, pull up video and website, basically it would make my ability to work with the kids a million times easier. Plus I want to actually play that angry birds game I keep hearing about….

    • Avatar of the larch

      I have internet addiction would this help me?

  • Would love to have an Ipad.

  • More of a site question, but how do you get photos up for the picture next to your comment? Everyone’s seems to be the generic image.

    • Register at and you’ll be logged in when commenting here (if I’m not mistaken)

      • Ok, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

  • Avatar of seroson

    Well I’d love to win a a iPad but it just doesn’t seem likely

    • Well you’re entered into the contest, there’s always that chance!

  • Gimme gimme gimme :D
    With all the upcoming Android 3.0 tablets, I have not decided yet ;-)

  • Avatar of the larch

    The Ipad 2 seems to be knocking on the door let’s just hope its got an SD slot!

  • Avatar of the larch

    Do replies to others comments count as an entry into the contest? I don’t think so because they are not numbered.

    • Yes they count, as long as they follow the guidelines (“add to the conversation”)

      • Avatar of the larch

        Are you suggesting that my replies don’t “add to the conversation”?

  • Avatar of Lil_Frenchy

    I was wondering if Canadian can enter the contest (because I am one:P)… I’m definitively can’ wait for the iPad 2 i’m going to save up for an iPad 2 but since there’s a contest maybe i won’t (wink wink):P

    • Avatar of copeys

      It says it’s open to anyone who can recieve mail (you may have to pay customs fees etc) … So you should be right!! :)

  • I hope I atleast win this time :D

  • Avatar of bolliby

    So $800 for the xoom. That leaves a lot of wiggle room for ipad 2 pricing. Now i really hope i win:(

  • Avatar of Brandon

    Please let me win

  • well, i’ve been an ABi reader for years, and i hope you the best in the tablet website business :P

  • Avatar of Ralphylomaniac

    Awesome. Tablets FTW.

  • Not totally convinced enough by tablets to buy one yet but they do seem like an awesome gadget to have.
    Sweet that your running a competition to win one.

  • I would live an iPad!! My fingers are crossed :P

  • I’d love to win an iPad!!!

  • Avatar of Vincent

    Love the way you guys are expanding! Keep up the good work.

  • That’s very kind of you folks. Who can resist a good tablet.

  • Avatar of Matthew

    For some reason I keep seeing the url as nothing buttable ts…

  • Avatar of Robert

    Nice giveaways, cool website.

  • Avatar of AZAmazed

    Coolbeans. I can maybe finally have a chance to say I own an apple product! Dunno if that’ll be the case though.

  • Avatar of MingLiang

    Hihi! I’m a student and a tablet would do just fine for my daily work.:)

    Good luck to everyone else too!!!

  • Awaiting asus 121.

  • I bought kindle 3, i’m sure it’s good in countries with actual sunshine but i live in the UK, the background of the text is way too dark and there is no proper text editor, which is properly stupid.

    I would super love a Notion Ink Adam with Pixel Qi screen. The screen is incredible, you can switch between backlit and eink, plus the UI is custom, lots of innovative features, plus you can put Ubuntu or other Linux on it if you like.

    One of the most interesting things following them making it is that they were so open in the blog they produced, they had reader votes on aspects of the final product and concept designs, really nice.

    What is probably most important for me though is the the freedom of operating system and software for it, including open source. I have used Apple’s app store before and it’s like digital North Korea, everything has to be submitted for official permission to exist, no thanks. Also their inclusion of the custom torx screws so you can’t even take apart your device which you paid for to fix it, yuck.

    I feel there are similarities between the openness of Notion Ink and the way that the open source community work (a great documentary about open source called Revolutionary OS is here ) They seem genuinely excited and engaged in the possibilities of new technology, true nerds.

  • Avatar of frododorf

    i just dont see the point of the ipad compared to some of the more useful, and better featured tablets, it’s size is just big enough to be annoying and not big enough to be all that more comfortable for viewing, also as far as i can tell it is just a big itouch… all that extra space and no extra hardware features… that said i would be psyched beyond belief to get an archos or kindle

  • Fantastic! Too bad the Xoom may be over that price….bleh.

  • Avatar of Robert

    Awesome Tablets

  • Avatar of sonorguy

    I’m excited to see what this year is gonna bring in tablets, especially with the the introduction of extremely low consumption SOCs in mobile devices.

  • Avatar of touzeen hussain

    posting for a galaxy tab

  • Great competition!

  • I’m interested to see what the new HP WebOS tablets will look like.

  • And I love my Kindle 3!

  • Avatar of Heathie89

    Wow, what a great site! I would love to win a tablet, but I’m not sure which one would be most useful for a CS student.

  • Avatar of Apozon

    Awesome! =)

    Any idea of the iPad 2 release date?

  • Avatar of David Welden

    O yes, me too

  • Avatar of samekh

    This is a good idea. If this site is anything like Anything But iPod, I will love it.

  • Nice Site, nice giveaways!

  • Avatar of William

    This is awesome count me in

  • Here goes it.

  • Nice. Love the site. Though initial I thought it said,”home of everything fiat.”

  • A new iPad 2 would be nice, but an Asus Eee Slate EP121 might be better!

  • Avatar of Sheeds

    Wow these comp’s are getting better and better….maybe anythingbutBMWs next ? ;) lol

  • Avatar of Relyt

    Most of the comments in here are generic but a few are just flat out hilarious lol

  • Avatar of Wouter Henderickx

    An iPad 1 would already be nice, let alone an iPad2 and a kindle. That’s just darn excellent.

  • Great contest for a great prize. ipad 2 its nice.

  • Avatar of Milepost


  • Avatar of Lucien Dominick G. Tiojanco

    Count me in. LOL! Not sure if the Samsung Galaxy Tab is counted though. :-D

    • With the current state of that device, with carrier issues and whatnot, that would be difficult- and the unlocked version is above the price limit

  • Awesome!

  • the ipad2 “looks” interesting

  • Avatar of daehoidar


  • Avatar of Stuart

    Not that I’m complaining, but are contests getting easier and easier? Are we getting lazy?

  • Avatar of trikon000

    Wonder if they can get thier hands on a archos 101. I can tell you one thing, if I get it your gonna see the insides.

  • Finally! I was waiting for you guys to expand to the tablets/ebooks reviewing business! YES!

  • Avatar of rob hamblet

    Yah, really like what you guys are doing, instead of giving us hard facts you tell us what it means to us. Giveaways are nice too.

  • Avatar of Antonntminh

    yeah, free stuff is alway welcome :)
    let’s hope that I’ll win this giveaway :)

  • Avatar of GumbyX

    Count me in. I have a question to ask: Will NbT be looking at other handheld devices like MIDs and UMPCs?

  • Avatar of green_knight11

    love this site just as much as all the other in the abi family

  • Great site. Thanks for the chance.

  • So much time until the end of this…I don’t think I can last that long lol

    • The contest length rewards those who are returning visitors and part of the site, posting meaningful comments every week and participate- not those who see something free and take 2 seconds to write “I’m in”, somehow thinking that classifies as “adding to the conversation”. That’s why it lasts for 6 weeks ;)

      • Avatar of Relyt

        I have to say that I love the slogan to this site.

  • Avatar of Robert

    Awesome giveaways!

  • Avatar of Overlord Nadrian

    Whoa. Awesome competition. I never heard of this site until I saw the ad over at abi, and it seems like this is a pretty new site, but the articles are magnificent. Seriously.

  • Avatar of Mr Manager

    Believe it or not, I’m also willing to accept free prizes.

  • Avatar of hamed inanlou

    the only way of having an ipad for me is surely to get one as a gift :D
    count me in,

  • Avatar of Strephon Alkhalikoi

    I’m in to win, I hope.

  • Avatar of Jason

    Will the motorola xoom apply? Cause I’d TOTALLY would want that.

  • Great promotional idea. I hope I win something.

  • Avatar of Tanay Shah

    Fingers crossed :)

  • I would love to win a tablet please count me in!!!

  • Avatar of Philip Svarovsky

    A Tablet would be so nice! I´m too poor to buy one :-) so i hope i can win it!

  • Hoping to win it!
    I got here through anythingbutipod. I like the narrow subjects of both that site and this one…really helps me compare oranges to oranges!

  • Both tablets are promising.

  • Less than a month left!!

  • I work as a nurse and currently using an ipod touch for carrying almost everything I need for work. I have medical references, medical books, anatomy apps etc. so I can always look up when in doubt or if my memory needs refreshing. It would be really great to experience how to work on a tablet as a tool for learning but also sharing knowledge with colleagues or patients.
    My particular interest is in the use of just-in-time training in critical care where I imagine a tablet would really shine!!

    Good luck all!

  • Long-time abi lurker. Hope this site turns out just as well.

  • Avatar of Andreas

    What about the Notion Ink Adam?

  • ABI and Headfi great combination cant wait to see the new Moto tablet coming out this year.

  • Avatar of rsaturno

    Great site!

  • Avatar of Weier Liu

    Nice selections of tablets available, but I’m really interested in the $800+ Motorola XOOM :D

  • Avatar of Finlandia

    I have an Archos 70 for evaluation at the moment, and I am very impressed by it so far. I can only imagine what the more premium tablets are like. Please count me in for a Samsung Galaxy.

  • Avatar of TheGovernor

    As much as I hate Apple, the iPad does look sleek and fun for games and wasting time. It would be great to have one.

  • Avatar of Trenton

    There are so many cool tablets right now. When I win, I won’t even know which to chose.

  • Avatar of Relyt

    Say the Xoom is $700ish dollars. Also say that the person who wins wants it, since it’s the most interesting Andriod tablet as of now. Would you be willing to send the $600 to the person, who contributed it towards the $700 Xoom (other $100 on their own)? I think this would be appealing to many.

    • Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. We’re giving away a single tablet, one person will win, so it doesn’t really matter what “most people would like”, only what the winner wants ;)

      • True.

          • Looks like the Wifi only one is going to be 600$, so turn that frown upside down! :P

  • Still the best site on the net. Will that help win a tablet?

  • I don’t get why non-Apple tablet manufacturers are avoiding WiFi only models so much so far. Do they think Apple’s not selling any of the non-3G iPads?

    • They might rely on service provider subsidizing to be able to compete with Apple’s price point

  • Avatar of trikon000

    Exclusive agreements only serve to keep the prices high. It isn’t competing if you only have 1 version of a tablet to compare to the apple ipad which has 2 versions of the 3 entry point ipads.

  • I have just begun searching the net for a tablet that is a competitor for the Ipad. I have seen the Chinese “Iped” and information is that this device is being sold in Schenzen, China for $105 which is pretty interesting for a Ipad look a like with Android instead of Apples system. But after starting to look at all of the tablets for sale, some with different chips, some with webcam some without, good and bad reviews and nothing that really gives you a great deal of confidence to buy anything but the Ipad if you really want something that works all the time. I myself want something inexpensive as I am a Laptop person but I am fascinated with the idea of a small tablet that allows me to use the internet and also have the use of a webcam for video messaging. Does anyone have any ideas about the dozen or more 7″ Android Tablets for sale as to which one actually might do the job, using the internet and video messaging?

  • Avatar of Relyt

    Almost a month in. Great site = mental willingness to stay for the whole contest!

      • Avatar of Relyt

        Nope, but it keeps me reading every article. I’d usually just skim headlines and read what’s interesting, but now I want to read every article in order to make solid comments to add chances to the contest! I’ll be staying long after the contest is over.

  • Avatar of Nigel Fisher

    Just found out about this from ABi…definitely interested! I’ve been following the Notion Ink Adam for more than a year now, with anticipation building almost from day one. I really like the Pixel Qi screen, and the hardware otherwise is magnificent.

    So consider me entered into the raffle!

  • If i would win I will play the most time on the tablet :D

  • Is this Forum one of the Anything but Ipod Forum? From there i got to this site :)

    sry for my bad English….

  • The price causes me to question whether or not a laptop is a better option for one’s hard earned money. I will have to give some long thoughts and check comparisons on this one.

  • Avatar of Ron van de Crommert

    Just found out about this site and the contest. Will definitely stick around after the contest ends. I’m in the market for a tablet in 2011, so it would be awesome if I won one.


  • Avatar of kruszi

    wow this is awesome!

  • Avatar of Twisthem488

    If only the Touchpad would be out by the end of Feb. I wouldn’t mind an android tablet though :)

  • Avatar of James

    What new features are on the iPad 2?

    • Avatar of steve

      Well I’m sure they will be adding a front facing camera along with a higher res screen. Also there will prob be faster insides. Thats kind of all of the changes I would expect from Apple.

  • a xoom would be nice

  • woo, great!

  • Avatar of JackQ

    yeah, winning a tab would really be nice!!
    i’d like to have one in my office for the more lonely days ;-)
    so long, guys

  • Good luck with your site!

  • Avatar of Im[Ba]nane

    Can you make more DIY’s.
    That would be really awesome.. (love DIY’s :) )

  • Just came across this from the ABI site; definitely a cool contest and a useful resource for those of us thinking about making the switch to tablets! Thanks!

  • Read most of the articles on this site so far.
    Loving it, really informative and entertaining.
    Would love to win though I think reading about all the different tablets is making me want to get one either way.

  • I know that you would get more bang for the buck with a laptop, rather than the IPad. However, I’m a gadget person and love the portability and the ton of apps that are available for the IPad.

  • Avatar of ImBanane

    I mean link… -.-

  • Avatar of ztcfgh

    I have been needing tablet for a long time.

  • Avatar of djmicheals

    I like the iPad for the thousands of apps including but not limited to Kindle, B&N, and Sony ebooks. And I have to admit loving Angry Birds.

  • Avatar of BrianK

    hehehe… One would think that the Kindle DX with its keyboard wouldn’t count as a tablet, really. Someone in the play i’m in mainly uses his kindle to check his texts and such through google voice, always tappin away at that keyboard.

  • Avatar of JosephM

    The iPad definitely intrigues me. I’ve tried to figure out exactly what it is, because it has neither the computational power of a laptop, nor the eInk screen of an eReader. Not sure what it’s going for, but it’s cool.

  • With the launch two days away, I write this comment with excitement and anticipation. If I am lucky enough to win I would be honored to post a review of the iPad2 when launched.

    A great site and one of my new daily sites to read!


  • Avatar of ImBanane

    Its going to an end :D

  • Avatar of Hadreon

    I wasn’t horribly impressed with the ipad but I like the looks of the new xoom. I haven’t kept up with the new ipad tho. I could really use one to help with homeschool my kids.

  • I would love to win an ipad 2, but I never win. So good luck everybody!

  • aaahhh! Last day of this. Suspense! Congratulations in advance to the winner – dedication has a name ;) Now let’s hope that all these folk stay around.

  • Avatar of Martin Little

    Well, let’s see what the 2nd generation will bring!

  • Avatar of C.J. Powers

    Cool contest!

  • Avatar of Dayla Rowland

    Great contest. Excited for tablet products. Especially the ipad 2

  • I want a iPad 2 for my little sister she’s wanted one forever

  • Thanks for this wonderful contest. This is the year of the Tablets. With so many companies coming out with tablets its going to be really exciting.

  • With all the features on the ipad 2 who wouldnt want one? The thinner body, new specialized magnetic cover and the two cameras. This tablet has everything.

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