Skype and the Verizon iPhone 4

This guest article was submitted by Calob Horton.


CDMA is quite notorious for not allowing the simultaneous use of both voice and data. So when Verizon and Apple announced that the iPhone 4 was going to be on Verizon's network, it was immediately thought that you wouldn't be able to tell your colleague where the local pizzeria was located.

Well, since Skype Limited has made its foray into the App Store, users have been given the ability to make voice and video calls over 3G using data, which completely eliminates CDMA's major downfall. Of course, Apple has a history of pulling apps that recreate the main functions of the iPhone, so there's always the possibility that Skype could be pulled. But if it isn't pulled and since iOS 4 added multitasking to the iPhone, you'd actually be able to use "voice" and data at the same time. As far as we know, Verizon's data plan is going to stay unlimited, which means you'll be able to talk as long as you want, provided you have the extra money for Skype's plans.

What does this mean for AT&T?

AT&T's plans are cheaper, but a lot of their customers are upset with the service they get, and they wish they had unlimited data. Verizon (as of the time of this writing) seems to provide better service for its customers while keeping with its unlimited plans. If current studies are accurate, AT&T customers are eager to leave.

I'm sure that some of those customers who are willing to stay with AT&T are staying because of the voice and data issue, so Skype could be a major deciding factor for a lot of these people.

The only way we'll know how Verizon's network handles the large amount of new and existing subscribers will be to wait until February 10th when the iPhone 4 goes on sale for new customers. Will you be buying one?

This guest article was submitted by Calob Horton.

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