Viliv hoping to add Market, Google apps to X7 Android tablet by March

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As mentioned previously, the Viliv X7 Android tablet is expected to launch worldwide in March. When it does, the company hopes that Android Market and all of the other Google goodies like Maps and Gmail will be included along with it.

None of those things were on the device when it was shown at CES last week, of course, and securing a stable WiFi connection was also tricky due to all the wireless interference in the showroom, so I wasn't able to get a feel for the complete experience. What I did see, however, was in keeping with what we've all come to expect from Viliv: quality.





The hardware was solid and had a good feel to it when held in the hand. There's a leather-like texture on the back that gave it some grip and presumably protected the unit from the surface scratches and scuffs that affect many of its glossy-backed counterparts. 3D games played well, as is to be expected from the 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU and PowerVR SGX540 GPU combination, and overall performance (from what I was able to see, anyway) was fast and smooth.

If Viliv is able to hit its target price of $399, then the X7 could give something like the Galaxy Tab a real run for the money, especially with its built-in HDMI port and large 5600mAh battery. Google apps are key, though, and timing is critical too. The 7" Android tablet market is growing quickly, as are mainstream consumers' interest in these kinds of devices. Big names are entering this space with products boasting most powerful specs in some areas, so Viliv can't afford to make any mistakes if it wants to get noticed.

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