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3D Android earth clock widget from Cowon D3 available for HTC EVO


I recently reviewed the Cowon D3 Plenue on Pocketables and while I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for an Android device, I like that it's proven to be quite useful to the Android community.

A lot of people loved the D3's minimalist text clock widget and round app icons , so it's hardly surprising that both were promptly recreated/extracted for use on the HTC EVO and other gadgets. One of the lesser known goodies also available from the D3 is a 24-hour 3D clock widget that features a triumphant superhero-looking Android mascot-like character standing on top of the world.

On the D3 it's known simply as "Day & Time" in the widgets list, so that's the name you have to look for when you install the widget .apk (kindly provided by Dj!pOner) on your EVO.


The 2×3 widget is customizable only in terms of the graphics used for the seasons and the time of day. You can assign the graphics to your own month/time periods and can also omit an image from the rotation if you want to. Shown above are all the seasonal graphics paired with the night image (not shown are the morning, noon, afternoon, and midnight illustrations).

Evo-cowon-3d-clock-set1 Evo-cowon-3d-clock-set2

Nothing else is adjustable, so if you don't like the Cowon logo on the character's chest, the gray/green color scheme, the font, or the 24-hour clock, then this isn't the widget for you. But if you think everything looks great as is, you can get it for your EVO from the link below.

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