$600 Wifi-only Motorola Xoom confirmed

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After a Best Buy ad leaked the Motorola Xoom’s price to be $799 with a mandatory 1 month data plan to unlock WiFi, people haven’t exactly been very happy with Motorola. While this price is indeed correct, Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha has now confirmed that there will also be a $600 Wifi-only version. This will match the iPad price exactly for the 32GB WiFi model, though a entry level $500 model is still missing and the 3G enabled 32GB model is $70 more expensive than the iPad (though it is upgradeable to 4G, at least). Not much else to say about this, other than that Motorola might just make it. I still think a $500 tablet would be better, but at least a $600 model is a lot better than $800 as the cheapest model. I actually might get one of these myself. Then again, the specs of the Xoom are identical to many other Android tablets so they’re not quite out of the woods yet.

[Reuters via Engadget]

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