7-inch Acer Iconia A100 launched with Tegra 2 and Android 3.0 in tow


Acer made quite a splash at CES earlier this year giving the world a first glimpse of its impressive line-up of Android tablets. This week the company is back in the headlines at the Mobile World Congress showing off more of its tablet devices and sharing additional details in the lead-up to launch. Officially christened Acer Iconia, the series includes a few size, spec, and software variations, but the model that catches our eye in particular is the Iconia A100.

Coming in with a 7-inch screen, the Iconia A100 hits the ground running with a high-res 1024×600 capacitive touch screen and a powerful nVidia Tegra 2 SoC powering Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The rest of the spec sheet keeps up the momentum with 512MB RAM, 8GB flash storage, WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, rear-facing 5MP camera and 2MP webcam, 1080p full HD video playback with HDMI-out, and support for Flash 10.1. Due to be available in April, the A100 unfortunately still doesn't have a price.


As one of the few known 7-inch tablets packing both Tegra 2 processing power and Android Honeycomb, the Acer Iconia A100 makes a very strong case for itself, bringing the potent hardware/software combination more commonly seen in larger tablets down a size division. It is certainly one to watch and look forward to when it launches in the next few months.


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Jeremy To

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6 thoughts on “7-inch Acer Iconia A100 launched with Tegra 2 and Android 3.0 in tow

  • I don’t get it, 7″ tablets are NOT pocketable, so why are they being covered on this site?

  • My 7″ Galaxy Tab fits into my jacket pockets and my jeans pocket, though for the latter I have to take the case off.

    Just because you aren’t personally interested in 7″ devices doesn’t mean that nobody else is.

  • Avatar of SleeplessNick

    You must be new here. 7″ has been the cut-off for years. The site name is figurative, tho 7″ devices do fit in some pockets. I carry my Tab in my coat pocket every day.

  • Avatar of Robin

    Wow that is sexy. Love the design. Now that’s the kind of hardware we need to see more of. You know me I searched for the phone icon and alas it is not to be found. Would love an update on the Huawei S7 Slim and the S7 Pro. That reminds me, I haven’t seen an update for Viliv at MWC.

  • Avatar of Fooman

    Looks great! Only questions from me are the battery life and weight. Hopefully Acer will retain Acer-like prices.

  • Avatar of Davide-NYC

    Throw a WACOM digitizer on there, give it a silo for the stylus and cover it with a high resolution Pixel Qi screen and I’m in.


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