Apple won’t make two versions of the iPhone 5

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You may have read an article about Apple producing two completely different versions of the iPhone 5. The general theory is that there will be a version much like we're used to now (that is, no hardware keyboard) and there will be another version with an included hardware keyboard.

However, I think this simply isn't true. Apple has never been one to make many different hardware versions of a flagship device. They make different versions of their accessories, but they feel that they would lose too much money on making different flagships. Let's look into how this problem would be solved, using Apple's logic.

Apple always touts its new iterations of its iPhone as the thinnest in the world. The addition of a hardware keyboard would more than likely double the size of the device, and that's definitely not something that Apple is interested in doing. That would lose a lot of its ground as a gorgeous device, and Apple would definitely lose some fashionable users along the way. 

Apple would also have to invest its time into tweaking iOS to take advantage of a hardware keyboard. It could be Bluetooth and just mounted to the device, but that's slower than a direct connection and Bluetooth drains battery life. Many users, like myself, don't use Bluetooth on their devices. 

Apple could simply put out a bumper with an included hardware keyboard, directly connected by its ubiquitous 30-pin connector. This would allow for users to have exactly what they want in the new iPhone, while still keeping a sense of style. Regardless of your thoughts on the company, I don't think you can disagree that their devices are incredibly stunning and among the best designed in the world.

Would you buy an iPhone with a hardware keyboard?

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