ASUS EEE Pad MeMo and MeMic

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The ASUS EEE Pad MeMo has popped up a few times before but Engadget got some new info on the device at CeBit. We already knew that the 7″ device would run Honeycomb, have a 1.2Ghz dual core CPU and be optimized for notes and drawing (on 7″, seriously?) with a few special included apps that even have (virtual) pressure sensitivity, but the MeMic accessory is new information. The MeMic is basically an MP3 player sized Bluetooth handset for the MeMo, allowing you to make calls with the tablet. It will also work as a music receiver, control media playback and a few other basic tasks. It has a translucent screen which means that the screen is semi-transparent- who knows what the point of that is. The MeMic is an interesting concept, but the added price (as the MeMic is included) compared to adding a normal Bluetooth headset to a tablet is going to be critical. Whether this means it will require a phone plan is also going to be interesting to see. Hit the jump for a video.



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