B&N Nook Color case review

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Having the latest and greatest tech gear also means having expensive and fairly fragile devices.  While the Nook Color is a solidly built device, you may want to keep it protected for travel, or kids, or just to keep it looking so darn good.  So with that, I of course picked up a cover for it awhile ago.  There were a pretty good variety of cases at Best Buy, and decided to get the Wren Quote cover.  It stood out with the color and had a very nice feel to it.  How has it held up?  Let’s find out shall we.

First things first, the color is a little different, but sometimes I like that.  I wanted to get away from the usual black cases and add a little life.  The green isn’t as bright as you think.  The cover is made specifically for the Nook, and is a Barnes & Noble product.    The exterior is made from an “Italian faux leather,” and actually does feel pretty nice.  It’s very smooth and pleasant to the touch.  The interior has a soft touch lining to protect the Nook from any possible scuffs from the case, which if you’ve ever had a case on your  phone, know what I’m talking about.  The stitching lining the interior is contrasting on the green inside, and is of very good quality.  The interior flap has some pockets for business cards or notes if need be.  The Nook is also fully secure in a 3 pronged clip that holds it in place very well.  Overall it’s a pretty simple design that protects and spices up the Nook Color a little.  I also like the quote on the cover from Sir Christopher Wren, “Choose an author as you choose a friend.”  It gets you thinking about the reading experience.

I’ve been using the cover for about a month and a half now.  It still looks brand new.  There isn’t a single scuff on that faux Italian leather, or any signs of wear for that matter.  The Nook also looks just like it did on day 1, so I have to say that it’s doing the job.  I do tend to notice that I take the cover off for most longer reading sessions because I am not a fan of the folder style cover.  I wanted it for protection purposes, but it’s not a great set-up for reading.  The left flap just sits there and doesn’t provide any function unless it’s protecting the screen.  I previously had a review on the Speck iPad case, and one of the benefits was keeping the tablet experience in tact and having it stay out of the way.  So in this case, while obvious, does hinder the experience from that aspect.  But, it’s an easy fix as the Nook just snaps in and out of the cover.

Just like any decision you have to make, there are pros and cons.  I wanted a cover to protect my Nook, but wanted something a little more substantial.  I also like the look of the Nook, so I didn’t want to put a full on cover over it.  This Wren Quote cover fills my needs, and has been pretty durable during it’s time with me.  It gives me full access to my Nook while being easy to snap in and take out.  It adds a little bulk, but nothing substantial.  It also keeps the Nook completely protected during a drop with no open sides or corners.  I like it a lot, and they have many in this style.  I feel anyone looking for a case couldn’t go wrong with any of the items from the Barnes & Noble lineup as the quality seems the same across the board, which come across as very premium.  I highly recommend this to anyone.

B&N: $30

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