Dell Streak 7 benchmark results

Streak-7-benchmarks (1) Even though benchmark scores aren't as important as how a device actually feels/responds/performs when you use it in your daily life, not running the Dell Streak 7's dual-core Tegra 2 processor through some standard benchmark tests would be pretty silly. The CPU is one of the 7-inch tablet's biggest selling points, after all, and it's something that I know a lot of people are interested in knowing more about.

So I ran the following Android benchmark apps on my Streak 7, which is rooted but running Dell's stock build (14291) with no performance enhancements: Quadrant, Linpack, Neocore, And3DBench, and Fps2D. You can see all the scores below and compare them with the Streak 5's results on the official 1.6 and 2.1 builds from last summer.

A custom ROM, especially one by DJ_Steve, will obviously yield better scores, but until the Streak 7 gets at least one of those, we can't do anything but look at the numbers put up by the official build.

Streak-7-benchmarks (7)

Streak-7-benchmarks (3)

Streak-7-benchmarks (2)

Streak-7-benchmarks (5)

Streak-7-benchmarks (6)

Very impressive for a stock system, don't you think?

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13 thoughts on “Dell Streak 7 benchmark results

  • Impressive indeed.

    My 2.2 Streak 5 gets 4650 points. What’s the score on Steve’s build?

  • Avatar of ChrisR

    very impressive, should do 60fps tweaked,

    too bad Dell dell short with the rest of the Hardware, phone capabilities, and cant wait to see the Support with this one.

  • I’ve gotten 2350 on Steves 1.7.1 Build

  • have dell published the kernel yet, ill have some perf tweaks out once its released

  • Avatar of Wayne

    4650? Is that a typo? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone but DJ Steve get over 3000 yet, and I think (though I’m not sure) that was with an upgraded internal SD card.

  • An3d Bench was the 4650 point score. (4th image)

    My Galaxy S gets 6580.

    Was wondering how Steve’s build managed with an3dbench.

    • My GoCLever Tab A73 7035 but in 4th image is 7688 :|

  • Avatar of Wayne

    Oh, heh, my mistake. I assumed you meant Quadrant.

    I just ran An3d Bench and got 4489, though I’m still on Steve’s version 1.5.1, and it’s about two months old. I’m sure he’s made quite a few improvements since then.

  • Avatar of ManwellC

    woot its out now ( source ) . Maybe Dell reads this website !


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