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How to test SD card speeds on HTC EVO 4G

Evo-sd-card-testForget about the stated minimum transfer speeds of your microSD card. What are the actual speeds when it's tucked inside your HTC EVO 4G?

Depending on the class, they're probably slower when the card is in your phone than when it's in a card reader built into or otherwise connected to your computer.

How much slower? SD Card Speed Test, the free version of the Adobe Air-dependent SD Card Tester, can answer that for you. The app has been discontinued in favor of the paid version and is riddled with typos, but it still works well. Class 10 cards may not be properly identified due to the age of the app, but the read/write speeds should be correct.

All you need is 200MB of free space on your card so that a quick test can be run (you'll reclaim the space as soon as it's done) and about a minute's worth of patience to find out the speeds in your EVO. Just open the app, press the "Start Test" button on the bottom, and then hit the "Restart Test" button if you want to double-check the results.

SD Card Speed Test is no longer available in the Market, but you can find an early version of it at the link below. You could also just shell out $2 and get the paid version.

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8 thoughts on “How to test SD card speeds on HTC EVO 4G

  • Avatar of jatreats

    Great site that attracts well mannered posters, Good job.

  • Wow. My write speed is 1MB and my read speed is 2MB.

    No idea what that even means (sure SOUNDS bad for a quality brand card that I think came with my EVO), but I have a 16GB card in the mail that should arrive today. Maybe that will help too.

  • Avatar of kiki007

    when i download it my phone says it can’t open the old version.
    “No application can be found to open this file.”
    What is this?
    How do i fix it?

  • Not so good. The Speed Test keeps telling me I have a Class 2 card when I have a Class 6 unless the test knows something I don’t.

  • I got 1/3 on my stock card. That seems pretty bad.

  • Avatar of Chris from Northern Virgina

    I just did a complete study of this topic because I just bought a 32 GB class 10 micro sd from www. for $99. It was made by Patriot. I was VERY skeptical about the write speeds because Sandisk has not even found a way to create a class 10 card yet. Their web site is still bragging about their “revolutionary” class 6 card that they created with a whole new technology.

    A better program to test your speeds is called AnTutu. Go to the market and search for Antutu System Review. It tests every aspect of your system including SD read and write speed. (And it is Free) I can tell you that the Patriot card is ligit. I have never gotten less than 10.5 mb/sec write speed. I have gotten as high as 11.6 on the write speed.

    However, You will see different speeds with different ROM’s. SteelRom (Jen’s favorite) had much slower speeds (I can’t remember whether it was on reads or writes). But I would imagine the same would be true of the stock rom, since they are almost the same. I am running Calkulin’s EVio rom and it has great speed. It has something to do with the read-ahead buffering (or something). There is a lot about it on XDA if you want to dig deeper into it. I have been meaning to reload all the different Roms and test out the speeds, but with a new baby, I have no time for all that. If someone wants to do that, please post it here, I am very curious. All I know is mine is fast, and I am a happy camper!

  • so what is a good quality, fast SD card with at least 16gig capacity ? any good deals going on right now ?


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