Huawei launching S7 Slim tablet at MWC next week


Joining the build-up to the Mobile World Congress starting in a few days' time, Huawei has posted up some teaser images of a new tablet called the Ideos S7 Slim. Looking like a new version of the company's existing Ideos S7 Android tablet launched at last year's MWC, the S7 Slim is shrouded in mystery in terms of specs, but judging by the images and obviously the name, it definitely looks like a sleeker, slimmer redesign. It features a cleaner, simplified look: some of the components have been rearranged, with the familiar Android buttons swapping sides from left to right, the webcam heading in the opposite direction, and the unique optical finger mouse being absent.

With capacitive touchscreen versions of the S7 spotted at the end of last year, there's also a good chance the S7 Slim will include a capacitive screen from the start in place of the S7's resistive unit. Hopefully, Huawei will also give the rest of the specs and software a refresh while sticking close to the value-orientated pricing that the S7 currently occupies. What do you think of the S7 Slim's design and what hardware upgrades are you hoping for? Check out two more images after the jump.


[HuaweiDevice Flickr via Liliputing]
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