Live View, a clock-sized remote for your Android tablet

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Normally iOS gets the accessories, but one very notable exception to that rule is the Sony Ericsson Live View. I first saw this last year, but it’s gone mostly under the radar by many so I thought I’d push it into the spotlight for a bit. Basically this is a clock-sized device (basically looks like a slightly bulky version of the iPod nano) that connects to your Android device (2.x->) and acts as a watch-slash-info display for your Android device. You can see called ID, messages, email, Facebook, Twitter, RSS and a few more things as well as install special “apps” from Android Market.You can also use it as a music remote, which is a nifty feature if you work out.

When the iPod nano was first released I thought it would have been a brilliant device if it had BT and could remote control iOS devices. Turns out that SE made that exact device for Android, and for once I wish I had an Android tablet. Especially if you have the Galaxy Tab and use it as a phone this thing would be very useful since a 7″ device isn’t really as convenient to pull out to check things on. It appears to have some bugs from the reviews I’ve seen, but they do release updates for it. It will cost you about $100 which is a bit steep, but at the same time this isn’t tied to one device and can be brought with you when you switch devices (within the Android system) in the future. Engadget has a review of it, and you can find multiple videos of the thing in action on YouTube. If you’re an Android owner, it’s certainly worth looking into.

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