More Chinese love for the Galaxy Tab

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A month and a half ago I did an article on cheap accessories and part of that included links to Chinese accessories. China normally make accessories for Apple devices literally before they’re announced but other brands are often left out. Back when I wrote the article there were a few accessories available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab though, and since then I’ve been pleased to see more and more such cases pop up on everyone’s favorite low-price-crap-service site, DealExtreme. The link in the old article shows you all the items  both new and old. The new items are some of the cases, specifically the folio/flip style cases and some envelope-style fake leather cases. The former look particularly interesting to me (even though I don’t even have a Galaxy Tab) simply because I know that sort of case style is very useful and very popular. It allows you to prop the tablet up to a comfortable viewing angle and it also offers protection for the screen without the lid flapping about (like the official case for the iPad is infamous for doing). At $10 it’s a bargain and they have other colors and portrait versions. No sign of any Xoom accessories yet (or Archos, Asus, Toshiba, Viewsonic etc) but then again most of those aren’t out yet. I do hope they’ll get the China treatment though, as official accessories are often ridiculously overpriced, and from the looks of things people will be pretty broke by the time they bring home the Xoom…

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