Nomad Brush: a paintbrush for your tablet

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There are dozens of styli out there, one of which I’ve reviewed. Some of them are weirder than others, but the Nomad Brush definitely takes the cake- in a good way.

The Nomad Brush is a paintbrush that works with capacitive screen, meaning you can brush away in your favorite drawing/painting app. It’s marketed as “for iPad”, but it will work with any tablet (or smartphone, ereader, etc) with a capacitive touchscreen. I know at least one of our readers who enjoy such apps and I have been known to play with them at times myself, even if it’s just to pass time or make an illustration picture for an article on this site.

The advantage with a brush like this over a normal stylus is both the shape it creates, the added control of a softer tip and less friction than when using a stylus or finger. There are some truly amazing paintings/drawings done on tablets on YouTube if you look around, so I have absolutely no doubt that this product will be an instant success in the tablet painting community (the fact that such a community exists says a lot about how far tablets have come in a year).

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Andreas Ødegård

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