Poll: Dell Streak home launchers and replacements

Streak-launcher-alts One of the great things about Android is that no matter what kind of custom user interface, overlay, or skin a manufacturer preloads onto its devices, it can always be changed and in some cases permanently removed.

Flashing a custom ROM is an effective way to do this, as most ROMs include their own themed launchers and some don't include the manufacturer's skin at all, but one of the many third-party home replacement apps from the Market and elsewhere can offer a quick fix too. Root isn't required for the latter option, which means that every Dell Streak user (regardless of their familiarity with DJ_Steve) can use something other than the less-than-well-received Stage UI as their default launcher.

So what do you use on your Streak? Cast your vote in the poll below.

LauncherPro and ADW.Launcher are two of the most popular home replacements, but there are other fine choices out there too. Some of you may still even be using Stage, and that's fine too. Use what you like and what works best for you.

I use ADW.Launcher on my Streak and Streak 7 simply because I don't like Stage (reasons: not a fan of the widgets and too much wasted space on the sides). I didn't spend much time checking out and comparing all the different launcher alternative; I just happened to install ADW first and I liked it enough to stick with it.

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22 thoughts on “Poll: Dell Streak home launchers and replacements

  • I’ve used ADW.Launcher after someone suggested it on there right after I got my Streak but there was something about it that I didn’t like. There was some lag when scrolling through the list of programs to add to my homepage and a few other quirks.
    I went back to Stage for one day and hated it all over again so I gave LauncherPro a go and said to myself WOW, what a difference.

    Great UI and if you haven’t tried it download it and give it a go for a few.

  • Avatar of Graeme E

    Currently using Zeam

    If only for speed – I only have the calendar and weather widgets showing. I dont feel the need for many more.

  • running launcherpro plus.

    Love the multi-dock support with addtional swipe options on items in the dock. Use the calendar widget as well.

    My biggest gripe/request is to have swipe gestures on the screen like other popular launchers.. then it would be perfect.

  • Avatar of Commanderastig

    I’ve used stage,adw launcher, launcher pro, launcher go and finally adw launcher ex. I choose to stick with adw ex simply coz of the speed, nice looking ui and of course the customization. Launcher pro was good also but lag alot for me and little lacking on the customization. I think the adw ex has a mile advantage on the launcher pro. I do love the launcher pro widgets but didn’t really miss it after using colorize widgets that’s alot like launcher pro widgets.

  • Avatar of Click

    Im suprised that LauncherPro has the lead, I thought it would be a close call between that and ADW

  • Avatar of Lance

    i like launcher pro mainly because it frees up more screen space for me. i have my most used apps on the tray at the bottom which is really useful for me.

  • Avatar of borijess

    Adw launcher ex for the speed, customization, and looks great.

  • Avatar of Robin

    I use Laucher Pro with just a plain grey screen and the apps on the sidebar. Works very fast this way. I will end up changing the the screen to a picture but I won’t be adding apps or widgets.

  • LAUNCHER PRO?? am I missing something? I can’t get it to download for Dell streak 5….Android market won’t let me either. “Choose Device to install” = Dell streak is “Gray” meaning it won’t allow me to download.

  • Avatar of MStreaker

    One reason for this is because Launcher Pro (and LP Plus) are only one option while ADW and ADW EX are separated.

  • Avatar of oduck

    Do you have at least 2.1 installed? I think Launcher Pro requires at least 2.1 Just one thought. I installed Launcher Pro months ago, but I’m running DJ Steve’s 2.2. ADW was nice, but I liked Launcher Pro’s apps bar better. I don’t have any use for the ADW dialer bar and can’t make it go away.

  • Avatar of Alex W.

    LauncherPro FTW!!!

  • I may be alone in this, but I really like Stage UI, despite only using one of their stock widgets and the small number of tiles. I love the overlap in landscape mode – it’s so useful for me to have 1×1 widgets appearing on two different pages. It looks very little like the Stage that comes out of the box, but my Stage UI suits me fine.

  • I’ve purchased LauncherPro, but have switched to ADW since.

  • Avatar of DaveBSC

    ADW EX is superb. Very fast, smooth animations, excellent customization options including widget resizing and grid options. The Streak with a 5×5 layout is just about perfect. My only gripe with ADW is that the dock size seems more suited to a phone than tablet. The maximum dock size is still a tad to small, and on the Streak there’s plenty of space for at least 7 icons in the dock but you are limited to 5.

    Go Launcher is too slow and with version 2+ doesn’t seem to fit the Streak right, and LP is fine but too limited.

  • Avatar of JRDemaskus

    I just trashed all the premade “Stage?” widgets? panes, whatever…and moved the Icons I wanted onto the home pages I wanted them on,Today I got an airplane mode toggle from the market(couldn’t find it on the Streak). Kinda simplistic, but I thought that I was reading A lot of issues from members using ADW and other launchers. Besides, I dont see the need when I get what I need or want already. Am I missing some great feature?

  • Avatar of Bizzach

    I used to use LauncherPro, but since getting the Streak, I’ve found ADW is (to me, anyway) faster and more customizable. It’s got everything I need.
    I use a 6×6 grid on the homescreens. ADW lets you change the size of widgets, so the ones in the center take up 2×1 or 2×2 so everything’s centered. :)

  • I have tried a bunch. ADW and LauncherPro were good. But I love Zeam as it does everything I need, its fast, stable and supports most of the must have features of a launcher…

  • I actually use the Stage UI for two reasons:

    – I much prefer the Dell Social widgets for Twitter and Facebook compared to alternatives. The stock widgets for these are both horrible (the Facebook one will still show updates from people you have removed from the news feed). And the LauncherPro widgets, while functional, are extremely hard to read on the streaks screen with it’s small font (even worse if you use a dark wallpaper like I do).

    – Widgets look better in landscape mode compared to 3rd party launchers. LauncherPro, ADW and a couple of others I’ve tried stretch the widgets horizontally when in landscape mode and create big gaps between shortcuts.

    I admit LauncherPro and others are faster, but functionality wise, it’s the Stage UI all the way for me

  • Avatar of ManwellC

    I use Launcher Pro because of the awesome Twitter widget.

    ADW EX is a close second.

  • I was using Home++ but it became buggy so I’ve switched to the very similar Launcher Pro. This works well and is user friendly. I tried Stage for a day or two but found it a useless waste of space.

    I still miss the original Dell keyboard/numberpad, since it was very useful for me. I now like using Swype though.


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