Rooted Nook Color used as in-car media system

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The Nook Color has gotten a lot of attention because the Android powered ereader can be hacked into a real Android tablet. One owner took this a step further and put it in his car as an in-car entertainment system. From a tablet perspective it’s quite boring with it even lacking GPS (though he states in the video that he hopes that Bleutooth support will be added, allowing the Nook to use his cellphone’s shared GPS) but we have to remember that this is a $250 ereader, not an $800 Xoom. It’s not that long since you couldn’t get a CD player for your car for that price, so the setup is nothing to frown upon. He should perhaps consider looking into OBD-II to get some more car related functionality, after all you only need Wifi for that.Video after the jump.

[YouTube via Liliputing]

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