Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 announced, YAXTT

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Samsung just announced the Galaxy Tab 2, and at this point I think we need a term for this type of tablet, so I give you YAXTT: Yet Another Xoom Type Tablet. 1280×800 10.1″ screen, dual core Tegra CPU and Honeycomb (Android 3.0) Sounds familiar? Yeah, that’s pretty much the Xoom…and the Toshiba Tablet….and the Asus tablets… The original Galxy Tab might have been ahead of its time being released last year, and a bit too small for my taste, but at least it was unique! The Galaxy Tab 2 is just what I said, YAXTT, and I’m trying very hard to understand why we need 20 basically identical tablets on the market.

In all fairness, it’s not 100% similar. In fact, it has some nice specs on the camera front, with a 8Mpix rear camera and a 2Mpix front camera. That’s a nice bump from 5/2mpix on the Xoom, and it even has 1080p recording. Then again, video and photo quality can’t be measured in megapixels, and it might produce worse images for all we know.

As for the rest of the specs, Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G is a given- GSM and not CDMA in this case, which means it will be more international than the Xoom. 16/32Gb storage, full sensor package (accelerometer etc) and a nice big battery. At 1.3 pounds it’s light, a bit lighter than the iPad. No USB or HDMI though, so that might put many people off from buying one. Engadget has a bunch more pictures and a video if this looks interesting.

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