Save $50 on Dell Streak 7, only $149.99 after mail-in rebate


Who says you have to wait a few months to save some cash on a brand new product? Obviously not T-Mobile.

The carrier sent out an email announcing the availability of the Dell Streak 7 today and included a promo code good for $50 off the tablet when purchased with a qualifying plan on a new two-year service contract. From now until February 9th, and while supplies last, anyone who enters the code STREAK4G when buying the 4G tablet from T-Mobile will end up paying a final after-rebate price of just $149.99.

$150 for an Android tablet with a dual-core Nvidia Tegra T20 processor clocked at 1GHz, 16GB internal storage, full-size SD card slot, dual cameras (1.3MP front, 5MP rear), Froyo (upgradeable to Honeycomb), HSPA+, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, and Gorilla Glass capacitive touchscreen? Even with the lower screen resolution and mediocre battery life, it's an incredible, unbeatable deal.

Now are you going to join me in the Streak 7 owners club lounge?

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Jenn K. Lee

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13 thoughts on “Save $50 on Dell Streak 7, only $149.99 after mail-in rebate

  • I don’t understand why anyone would buy a tablet with no phone-capabilities on a two-year contract… For the HSPA+ connection? With that unnecessary two-year contract, the Streak 7 becomes very expensive even if the device was free.

    You most likely already carry a WiFi router in your pocket (your phone), so it’s not like you need another data plan…

  • Jenn, If someone already has an unlimited data plan on their tmobile phone, could they use that sim in the streak and use data? or are those sim cards blocked by tmobile, just like galaxy?

  • You don’t need to understand why someone else would want one. Just like I don’t need to understand why people constantly post comments saying things like ‘I won’t buy one of those’ or ‘I don’t understand why someone would pay for that’.

  • Let me rephrase it then – I think that much fewer people will buy the Streak 7 on-contract than off-contract. :)

    I think the same can be said about the iPad, and all tablets in general.

  • Good question. I would assume that it would work but without trying it for myself (or hearing from someone who has tried it), I cannot say for sure.

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    no, they block the tablets from using normal tmo cell data sims from your phone and force you to get a seperate data plan. 8(

  • I know this is way off topic but does any know how the streak 5 will handle honey comb

  • I’m ready to see some of this discount-goodness trickle north . . .

  • A data plan can be a good deal if the initial savings are significant and the user wants/needs mobil data without needing to find hot spots.

    Keep in mind that if a tablet is $450 with no contract, or ($150 + 24 X $25) = $750 with contract, you are paying an extra $300 for 2 years of data. That’s an extra $12.50 a month for 200 MB/month of data, I don’t think that’s a bad deal. You don’t get a lot of data but if you believe ATT most people don’t use more than 200 MB/month anyways. If you want more data you can get the 2GB/month plan, which works out to be an extra $27.50/month. That plan is not a ‘great’ deal in my book.

    As an alternative, T-Mobil will let you pay $10 for a week of data or as low as $30 for a month of data. For those of us that value mobil data without seeking out hot spots, an extra $12.50 a month is a good deal.

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    Picked my 7 up today. 249.00 – 50.00 credit for telling them I got an email with code STREAK4G and -50.00 rebate = 149.00 = Me Happy.

    I have a very cool T-Mo store. No activation either.

  • The Dell Streak 7 polishes Android 2.2 to a tablet-worthy shine, and is the first to deliver 4G compatibility..its simply awesome…and this is a great deal..go for it.

  • I agree that Dell Streak 7 an Android tablet is the best tablet one could have .I would love to buy it.


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