Sony rumored to be working on dual-screen Android clamshell codenamed S2


With HTC finally throwing its hat into the tablet ring, one of the few notable remaining big names that still hasn't played its hand is Sony, but that may be about to change later this year. The company has briefly mentioned its intention to launch a tablet device, but has so far not revealed anything, reasoning that it wants to ensure its product is not another cookie-cutter device. It wants to unveil something more innovative and unique in terms of hardware, software, and services/content.

Engadget has now revealed from trusted sources what may be in the works at Sony HQ in the form of an unusual device allegedly internally codenamed the S2. Rumored to be in the shape of a curved, cylindrical clamshell as shown in the sketch above, the MID is said to feature dual 5.5-inch touch screens and run the upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. Other unconfirmed details are that the S2 will include WiFi and 3G connectivity, Sony's Qriocity on-demand media services, front and rear facing cameras, and power from the increasingly popular nVidia Tegra 2 chipset. The version of Honeycomb on the S2 will also be highly customized to cater to its dual screens, such as dual-screen apps showing different content on each display, with one example being a Google Maps map on one screen and detailed turn-by-turn navigation or Streetview shown on the other.

The current plan is for the Android clamshell to be launched in the US, Japan, and Europe later this year with a price of around $699, but adding further to the mystery is the fact that the sources also indicate that there is a degree of uncertainty and skepticisim surrounding the S2 within Sony itself, raising the possibility of whether we will see this unusual device at all. I for one am quite intrigued by the unconventional design concept and the dual screens, so here's hoping that Sony will continue to develop the S2 into a product we can look forward to. What are your thoughts on the S2 rumors and Sony's tablet/MID plans?

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