This week in tablets you never heard of: Arnova 8 and 10

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Archos is already a low-end manufacturer but apparently not low enough. Their new Arnova brand has popped up in various news items over the last couple of weeks and now someone got the Arnova 8 and Arnova 10 on video

These new Arnova tablets are so cheap that it makes you wonder if it’s an early April’s fool. The Arnova 10 is basically a cheaper version of the Archos 101. It has a stupid-slow 600mhz CPU, 10″ resistive touchscreen, 8GB of memory and Android 2.1- but it’s only $199! What’s more, a capacitive version with a faster processor is apparently due in April (1? :P). The Arnova 8 is basically an 8″ version of the 10 with 4GB of memory and a different design, and is priced at $149.

These devices are nothing special by themselves, until you look at the price. A 10″ tablet with a capacitive screen (when that one comes out) for $200 sounds incredible, eve if it is slow as hell. It will be a game changer as far as entry level tablets are concerned as there is nothing in that price range at the moment that isn’t either much smaller or from China.

It will be interesting to see if the capacitive version of the 10 really does make it to market and whether it will cost the same. I’m crossing my fingers that in such an event it won’t be completely unusable in terms of speed and general Archos instability. In the mean time, check out Charbax’ videos below.


[via Engadget, thanks sideways!]


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