Tip: Get $200 off a $799 Motorola Xoom

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Want a Xoom but you don’t want to spend $799 for the one that is available now? Thanks to someone with good memory on XDA Developers you can get 25% off the Xoom, meaning you’ll get the version without contract for the same price as the one with a contract- $600. Simply go to the Motorola Store and put a Xoom in your basket (they offer a free case too), and at checkout you enter the coupon code OCNNSB2. This code came from the Chad OchoCinco News Network during the Super Bowl, and are good for 25% off in the Motorola Store until March 15. This is one hell of a deal with a brand new 3G enabled Xoom, so if you planned on getting on you should jump on the chance now. Who knows, Motorola might not have thought of this and retract the code or something (you never know). Via Droid-life.

Update: Yep, Motorola put a stopper to the promotion. Congrats to anyone who got in on it, and to Motorola: if you didn’t want people to use the code, you shouldn’t have made it. Then again we’re talking to the company the requires you to send back your Xoom after about 90 days to solder on the rest of the parts.

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