Which soft keyboard is the way to go?

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Swiftkey just announced a new app optimized for Android’s new Honeycomb OS.  The soft keyboard takes a drastically different approach to the current crop of on screen keyboards out there by splitting it in half for thumb optimization.  Something that has always been annoying in the current crop of tablets was the on screen keyboard.  Manufacturers basically forgot that we weren’t using a 3.5″ phone anymore, and instead using a 7-10″ tablet.  I am not sure about you, but the hunt and peck method with outstretched fingers and thumbs doesn’t lend to a good typing experience.   How does this compare to the iPad and Galaxy Tab keyboards?

One of Apple’s hottest sellers in the iPad accessory department is the bluetooth keyboard.  There are plenty to choose from.  One of the big reasons behind this is the inefficiency presented when using the on screen keyboard.   While Apple has done an excellent job with the pad, this was something they strangely have not worked on or even changed much from the iPhone.

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So even with Swiftkey keyboard being an app, what is your take on the on screen tablet keyboard situation?  Do you like what Swiftkey has done here?  Is there just an easy preference for the normal standard qwerty on screen keyboard?  Obviously we won’t know until we have some hands on, but it is far different from what we have seen so far, which might be a good thing.

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