Will manufacturers make their own operating systems?

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Today in Barcelona, Spain, at Mobile World Congress, HTC released its first Android tablet. It's not running Honeycomb, though, which is kind of puzzling. Honeycomb is Google's tablet-exclusive version of Android, and HTC isn't using it.

But why?

HTC, along with plenty of other manufacturers, loves to tinker around with its licensed operating systems to prove to the user that its devices are very unique. Forget the emblems and the logos and the design. It's really all about what the user sees the most: the UI. 

With Honeycomb, HTC obviously felt that they couldn't put the full Sense experience onto the Flyer. So they chose to use Android 2.4 instead. This is fine, but HTC obviously spent a lot of time tweaking and coding to make 2.4 usable on a flagship tablet. In my opinion, with HTC's coding expertise and just the sheer amount of time they spent on coding Android to their liking, they could've made something much better on their own. A Sense OS, maybe.

But it's not just HTC. Samsung's TouchWiz UI is also a pretty hefty skin on top of Android. MotoBLUR is yet another example. These all differentiate each companies' products, but I think they would work so much better if each had a proprietary OS. 

Apple does it, and so far, it's the best in the industry. And each of these other companies practically does it already too. Everything in Android is tinkered with inside of a skin. So would it be too hard to just make a propriety OS? I don't think it would be. 

Would you buy a device with a proprietary OS like "Sense OS"?

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