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Words With Friends brings ad-infested asynchronous word game to HTC EVO

Words-with-friends-android Words With Friends is my favorite iOS game. I've been playing it every day for over a year and previously mentioned it as one of the apps I most wanted on my HTC EVO.

Zynga, the company who acquired WWF-maker Newtoy in December, recently announced that the asynchronous Scrabble-style word game would be coming to Android. And yesterday Words With Friends Free became available in the Market. I found out about the release through my morning gametime routine with the iOS version (screenshot at right) and obviously wasted no time in grabbing the game for my EVO from the Market.

Unfortunately, while Words With Friends is something I play daily on iOS devices, the ad-riddled free version for Android won't be launched on my EVO ever again. I'm waiting for the paid version of the game, which won't be ruined by obtrusive ads popping up between every turn. Additionally, I'm hoping that some of the graphics won't be jagged when not zoomed in and notifications and account syncing will be more reliable. To say that I'm incredibly disappointed is putting it mildly.

Wwf-qrcode I know that a paid version will be released for Android one day and that all the bugs will be sorted out eventually too, but I still feel really let down by this highly anticipated release and will continue to play it on my iPhone and iPad for the time being.

Those who have never played the iOS version may have a different reaction to the game, though, so feel free to check it out if you're interested. Oh, and my username is pocketables (I'm using my existing iOS account) if you're up for a game. Cross-platform compatibility is definitely one of the app's best features right now.


If you're completely unfamiliar with the game, there's a great guide on OS X Reality that lays out all the basics (and even mentions me!). It was written last year for the iOS version but is still applicable to the Android port.

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