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A look around the HTC EVO 3D


Since the HTC EVO 3D press image set doesn't include shots of the phone from any of its sides, I went through Engadget's hands-on gallery and pulled out the relevant pics so we could see where all the ports, buttons, switches, and other stuff are.

I also updated the EVO 4G vs EVO 3D chart after seeing and reading that HDMI-out on the EVO 3D is via micro USB and DLNA; there's no dedicated HDMI port (Type D or otherwise). Interesting.



My predictions on port/button placement based on last night's leaked image were mostly wrong, as the left side of the EVO 3D houses the micro USB port (weird) and the power button is indeed on the top. The 3.5mm headphone jack is there as well, so there'll be no brain-retraining necessary since we're already accustomed to that layout on the top of the EVO 4G.


I assume that's the mic and speaker on the bottom, though neither looks quite right to me. Any other guesses are welcome in the comments.



On the right are the volume buttons, a 2D/3D switch for use with the cameras, and a dedicated camera button. And speaking of the cameras, the lenses look like they're recessed by the red ring (well, it looks more like a racetrack now), which bodes well for the protection against scratches that the EVO 4G doesn't have.

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23 thoughts on “A look around the HTC EVO 3D

  • Really sad to see the kickstand go…

  • Avatar of Joshua Hanlon

    Yea, the kickstand is one of the features that made the evo ‘the evo’. I know some others have it as well now but why hell would they take it away from the evo line? Hell, give us two kickstands and make it better than the first.

  • With the USB port being on the side there could be a multimedia cradle to be used just like the Droid X uses…possibly

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    I’m really disappointed about the lack of a kickstand. I use it multiple times daily. Hopefully a case will include one.

    I’m not sure I understand the what is meant by “HDMI-out on the EVO 3D is via micro USB”. So does a cable exist that is USB on one end and HDMI on the other? If so, you won’t be able to charge your phone while it’s plugged into an HDMI port. Can’t say I’m happy about that.

    Regarding the USB port being on the left side of the phone, I think they did that for a landscape windshield mount so that it can slide leftside down first into it. Similar to the Droid.

  • Avatar of kinglywarrior

    What do you do with your “3D” pictures? Is the screen 3D capable without glasses? r do you need to upload them to your 3DTV that hardly anyone owns? I would love the updated version minus the fad.

  • Yes, the 3D screen does not require glasses. You don’t need a 3D TV. I haven’t seen anything about 3D pictures, but I know that it does 3D video.

    You can turn the 3D off on the camera and the screen. So if you don’t like 3D, you can set it so that you never need to see it or use it.

  • Avatar of Neoterix

    Jen: The hole(s) on the bottom are the mics (looks like dual here:

    As for the speakerphone speaker, my best guess is that it is hidden underneath the “mesh” like part of the backcover, but my guess is as good as anyone else’s–I don’t see any other speaker hole.

    kinglywarrior: Yes, the screen allows for glasses-less 3D viewing like the new Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device.

  • Wow, an even bigger piece of glass to stick out the back. I thought they might change that. I can’t believe this is somehow thinner with more in it. iLove Evo.

  • I second this notion. Two kickstands would be great!

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these to take it for a spin. I never use the HDMI port so that’s cool by me, especially since it comes with DNLA! I agree that the omission of the kickstand kinda blows, but I’m not sure I used that a lot anyway.

    I love my EVO, and this new one is a BEAST!! I probably will buy it. (Only because Sprint made me increase my plan to be eligible for a subsidized device price every year) Anyone want to buy a near new condition EVO?

  • Avatar of Richard Yarrell

    have this design or sense ui and all of those are released devices recently within these last 2months so it’s clear that they saved the best for sprint which they clearly deserve. If you a current htc Evo 4g owner on sprint then you should be happy with this offering it is the best in the industry and much better than the Lg thrill 49 on At&t aka Optimus 3d. I want to see some FACE OFF’S EVO 3D VS LG THRILL BRING IT ON…Htc is the best and I will be on line day one for this device I welcome this to the EVO FAMILY on sprint now we can give our current Evo 4g the grandaddy of 4g the proper SEND OFF INTO RETIREMENT…IT HELD US DOWN FOR ALMOST 10MONTHS

  • I applaud HTC’s innovative direction, I always have. Although I tend to jump on every new gadget that I can, e.g., ipad, EVO, I feel that HTC got it right with the original EVO 4G in the way that I feel Apple got it right with the iPad or Motorola with the Droid. To top these products, manufacturers need to trigger another paradigm shift in usability and innovation. 3D “anything” has been used since the late 50s to shore up sagging technology markets and it seems like HTC’s doing likewise–someone that took a course in Marketing 101 remembered their homework. The new Evo 3D is interesting but I’m hard pressed to dump my original Evo for it. We need to see dramatic improvements in battery life, biometric integration and maybe even develop holographic technology to dethrone the likes of the Evo, iPhone or Droid.

  • 1. Sad to see the kickstand go. If my 4G isn’t in my hand or my pocket it is on its kickstand. I like my phones thin and so am not a fan of cases, however I would look seriously at a (preferably thin) case with a kickstand.

    2. While a dedicated camera button is nice, there are several camera apps that allow the assignment of a hardware button for the camera shutter. So I’ve been using the volume buttons for the camera since about a day or so after I got my 4G. I’ve had phones before with a dedicated camera button and pressing it usually launches the camera if it isn’t active. This button seems to stick out quite a bit, so I am wondering how easy it will be to bump and launch the camera while it is in your pocket and therefore obviously eat battery.

    3. I don’t see any seams on the back for the battery door, so I am assuming that this is an early model or that the back and sides come off as one piece. I was afraid that it would not be removable, but since I don’t see a microSD card slot on the outside, I will assume that it has a similar setup as the 4G with the microSD under the battery. Unless that obviously unfinished hole at the bottom is for the microSD card. I DO NOT like non-removable batteries.

    4. The press photos show a “mesh” on the “racetrack” that I assume is the external speaker. The speaker on the 4G is not great and I don’t see how, with so little escape area, this one could be much better. I would love to have the large speaker(s) behind the kickstand like the HTC Thunderbolt. This could have easily been done on the 3D without making it look like the Thunderbolt.

    5. I am disappointed with the seemingly useless extra length at the top. While I understand they are attempting to make each phone look as different as possible on the front (hard to do in a world of super large screens and full front glass smartphones), I disagree with not going the 4G route and just carving out an area of the front glass for the speaker. I never like the amount of space between the buttons and the bottom on the 4G, but understand that the usb and hdmi ports need their space. The 3D looks to have cut down on this excess space at the bottom, but put it at the top. Unnecessary length and plastic on the front where solid glass would be appreciated.

    6. At first I was disappointed with the no longer hidden notification LED, but when you view the photos on engadget of it being charged you see this is not the case. The “LED” that appears on the left front earpiece area is the proximity sensor.

    6. If the cameras are recessed and the “racetrack” is there for protection of them then kudos to HTC for that. However that is still a large glass area and is going to be prone to scratches. The clear screen protector aftermarket is undoubtedly going to have a piece for that area and I fully intend to use it since I am so very adverse to cases.

    So far these are my criticisms. However the advancements far outweigh these and unless Sprint drops another dual core Android for me to consider, I will undoubtedly get this. While the dual cameras are numerically lower in megapixels (I’ll wait for the camera model numbers to be released) that doesn’t mean lower picture quality. I am looking forward to a camera app that can take advantage of the dual cameras for some truly awesome fast action picture taking. Two cameras with two shutters can take twice as many pictures in the same amount of time as one, great for action shots. The dual core processor is what I have been looking forward to, I expect some mighty high numbers with overclocks. The big increases in RAM and ROM are more than welcome especially since it is without a doubt that as games get more and more advanced and the 3D apps that the RAM will come in handy. The extra ROM space is highly desired for app addicts like me. I have a little over 200 user apps, not counting the stock apps, in my Evo and since some part of the app stays on the internal memory even when it is moved to the microSD card (which I have done with nearly every app as one of the benefits of rooting), space is at a premium. The 3D seems to be better than the 4G in nearly every way.

  • Avatar of dhoshman

    One of the videos that engadget has, the guy demoing the unit for them said htc will have a case with a kickstand available for it. I was extra pumped for it when I heard that, not that the kickstand makes the phone or not.

  • Avatar of dhoshman

    I think it kind of future proofs the phone. As time goes on hate it or love it 3d is going to be pushed majorly and as more and more people take on the technology it will be pretty cool to be able to display them on your 3d tv. Also it take a regular 2d version in excellent quality (Spec Wise) so that you can post on fb or whatever site you use. I view it as an extra bonus (I also love 3d though). And yeah the screen is 3d capable without glasses.

  • Avatar of Ryan Hare

    The micro sd card slot is right above the battery when the cover is removed. Saw a picture of it off android central

  • 1) the hole in the bottom is what you use to get the battery cover off.

    2) the USB port has a special cable that splits into hdmi and usb, so you can charge and use hdmi at the same time. as far i can tell and understand from videos i saw,

    the kick stand is not a dealbreaker for me, i never use it.

  • Soo.. with the new HDMI via USB… Can music now be played via this port with out a digital converter? I still do not understand how HTC can not make this so that it is media dockable. The only thing I miss from my Iphone is my iHome player. I could care less for the 3D camera. If I could have a media dockable dual core Evo 4G that could stream NetFlix I would buy it no question even without being eligible for an upgrade yet!

  • Avatar of Blksoul327

    I don’t understand how HTC couldn’t get this right. The 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 4GB internal memory, 1GB RAM, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 4.3-inch qHD display are the next step and needed. What I would have liked to have seen was. The Thunderbolt body, all the above specs, that nice kick stand and large speaker. Really, really great cameras front and back(no matter what the lighting may be). With scribe like the Flyer. Simple and to the point. That would have been the perfect Evo 2. They also didn’t address the battery(top of the list w/specs) All that being said. Your phone is only as good as your battery. Fact!

  • there’s one thing that I really dislike, stock Sense is still a 4×4 layout, there’s a ridiculous amount of empty space between icons, and it’s even more noticeable on the Evo 3D and Evo View… they should be making it a 4×5 or 5×5 layout, especially with the high resolutions of newer displays

  • Avatar of anthony

    or at least the kickstand could have been in the middle of the phone. i know im not theo nly one that gets annoyed when i tap my evo on the corner and it plops over

  • Where is the Speaker? when im not using headphones?
    there will be cases with a kickstand but they better be plastic so the phone slides out of the pocket easy

  • there are apps where you can put up to 42 icons on one home screen.
    look on the android market


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