Acer Iconia dual screen tablet launching at $1,200

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Crunchgear is reporting that this beautiful dual touchscreen tablet will be launching next month for $1,200 at your local dealer. This will certainly be in a class of its own. The bi-screen tablet will be running that shiny Windows 7 OS, and come packed with a core i5 chip, and “two 14-inch screens made of high-strength Gorilla Glass that allow for typing, multi-touch, and gestures.” This seems like a spinoff of the Microsoft Courier that stupidly unfortunately was shelved this past year.

This absolutely stunning device will feature a virtual keyboard that you “Simply place both palms on the bottom screen and the virtual keyboard with a full-sized QWERTY layout, international language support and touchpad instantly appears, giving you the same experience of a traditional physical keyboard with the addition of predictive text input for natural-speed typing while avoiding mistakes” according to Acer.

Not only that, but there will b some custom additions for personalized touch input. Social Jogger seemed pretty slick for you social network fans, which “puts your social life in one place …. Check updates from your Facebook®, YouTube® and Flickr® contacts in a single glance, using the dual screens to check posts and updates on the bottom display and the second display for exploring and viewing more content.”

Of course we will have to see how this implementation pans out, but it’s pretty stunning nonetheless. For more info, check out the Iconia product page.

source: crunchgear

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