AdvanceTC Magic W3 tablet/smartphone runs Windows 7, but is it still relevant?


The dream of a pocketable device able to run full unabridged Windows and make calls or a Windows smartphone has been something on the mind of gadget enthusiasts for years, championed by devices such as the ITG xpPhone and ViewSonic VCP08. But one has to wonder whether such a dream is still relevant in today's world of specialized mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7, complemented by the popularity of smartphones, mobile apps, and the escalating tabletmania movement.

This question has resurfaced following the unveiling of the AdvanceTC Magic W3 tablet/smartphone/UMPC running a full version of Windows 7.

Coming in the shape of a tablet/smartphone form factor with a 4.8-inch WVGA touch screen, the device relies on a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor and has 1GB RAM, a 32GB SSD for local storage, microSD support, b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, GPS, a 1.3MP webcam, and mini-HDMI and mini-USB connections. Specifically on the phone side, the W3 includes Quad-GSM and 3.5G HSPA wireless radios and is able to wake the device from sleep mode in the event of a call or message. 

Realizing there could be difficulties navigating to the phone capabilities within Windows 7 on a 4.8-inch WVGA touch screen, AdvanceTC has integrated a custom user interface called the Magic Telephony Touch UI into the device to handle all phone/messaging functionality.

The W3 is also capable of playing back 720p HD video and includes docking capabilities to function as a true UMPC with the connection of a keyboard, mouse, and external display. We know that it packs a large 3700mAh battery, but there currently doesn't appear to be a confirmed figure for the battery life, although it should be maximized using the auto-waking sleep feature.

Advance-tc-magic-w3-tabletphone-3 Advance-tc-magic-w3-tabletphone-6

Advance-tc-magic-w3-tabletphone-4 Although most of the hardware is from the previous Intel Atom generation, now succeeded by Moorestown and Oak Trail, the Magic W3 is an intriguing exercise in hybrid devices and convergence.

But personally, I feel that for most people, the dream of Windows in a pocket may have passed and been replaced by the current generation of smartphones and tablets. For the few niche enthusiasts who would be interested in the W3, the company has yet to confirm the release date and price. I also wonder how much more appealing the Magic W3 would be if it replaced its older Atom with a new Oak Trail chipset, though I suppose there still might be time before the release for that. Stay tuned for more news on this curious hybrid device in the future.


[AdvanceTC via Pocket-lint]
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19 thoughts on “AdvanceTC Magic W3 tablet/smartphone runs Windows 7, but is it still relevant?

  • i love this type of real umpc, but the very dream for me and many of my friends is a umpc with full phone functionality and the design of eking m5 the hardware with almost tegra2 and very light s.o. look like Lubuntu or ubuntu for arm with integrated phone auto-waking sleep feature.

  • Avatar of The_Niles

    WVGA as in 800×480 is what turned me off this device even before it launches. 4.8″ of screen real-estate is enough to get 1024×600 and with it an actual workable desktop for Windows 7 device. Having used both resolutions on this size of screen I would never buy a device with only WVGA running a desktop OS, regardless of whether they managed to get other concerns such as battery-life down right.

  • Sorry Microsoft, you might as well just give up before you sink too much money into this. Android and Iphone are light years ahead of this platform and I don’t think there would be a way that Microsoft could catch up.

  • Quite a lump to be holding you your head as a mobile phone, kind of going back to the ’80s here. It might be running full unabridged Windows 7, but the 800×480 WVGA is certainly going to be a very abridged Windows 7 experience. Why bother, it’s not relevant.

  • I’d get this if it had a regular USB port, Oak Trail, higher resolution, a mouse pointer, didn’t have phone software (but still has 3G/4G data) and a decent battery life.

    For me, Android and iOS just aren’t enough (at least not yet).

  • Me too! I already have an iPhone and often times I wish I could just pull out a device that has a desktop OS, desktop apps, desktop browsers and a mouse.

  • I was wondering what happenned to ViewSonic VCP08? It’s been a while (almost a year??) since I last read any news about this phone. Was it cancelled? I was really looking to purchase one if ever it would be out! Anyone knows?

  • I like that companies are still trying to make it work. I don’t understand why they are trying to put that much hardware into such a small form factor. Spreading the hardware over a 7″ screen area is a better fit I think. Like the Viliv X70 you can greatly reduce the thickness of the device. The phone software along with the right hardware could turn any desktop or laptop into a cellphone. That is pretty impressive. It also looks like there might be some competition with the 7″ tablet form factor anyways, with HTC adding full phone function to it’s upcoming tablet running Honeycomb.

  • I think this is VERY relevant – I want EVERYTHING in my pocket. I think the 5″ tablet size is under-represented in all the OS offerings, and would appear to me to be about the maximum for a truly pocketable size. I’m not clear on why 7″ has become so popular — I understand it’s smaller than 10″ netbooks/ipad knockoffs and hence more easily held in the hand, but I think there’s a significant need for the biggest possible screen that I could put in my pocket, and 7″ doesn’t meet that requirement for most normal clothing. Personally, I’d also like a fold-out/slide-out/flip-out keyboard – it’s one of the major reasons I am still using my HTC Advantage 7510 (despite the fact it runs WinDoze Mobile), where, with the magnetic catch and leather case, it is fast to use, can be gotten out of the way when not needed, and serves as a screen protector when closed. (And BTW, Jenn was the major impetus for me buying the 7510)

    Maybe I missed it, but there’s a few things I’d like to know that I didn’t see in the article: How long does it take to awaken from sleep? Is the battery user replaceable? (I wish ALL reviews and spec sheets would mention this issue). Is the touch screen resistive, capacitive, multitouch? And while it’s not directly relevant to this device since it only has a webcam, when folks review the camera performance of these devices, I almost never see anyone relating to the highly annoying issue of shutter latency = push now, take the picture later.

  • Avatar of elvis efeovbokhan

    Glad to see some companies come up with this.What beats me is the 7 inch tablet craze.I dont get it.The closest device that has satisfied the functionality of this device that I have used is the PSIXPDA.It came with XP but I managed to squeeze windows 7 into it.I got a belt pouch for it and I take it everywhere with me.Sadly though, I have not been able to achieve full phone functionality with it.I guess i’m not getting the settings right.
    In my experience, anything less than a 5 1nch screen is not ideal for windows 7 if you have to view web pages.Nice review.Keep up the good work.

  • Avatar of Joseph G. Mitzen

    This is like the Nokia N900 on steroids. I don’t think it’s been surpassed by smartphones and tablets because those two can’t run your desktop software. x86-based CPU means you can slap almost any OS on there. I do agree a hardware keyboard would be the perfect touch.

  • I agree. Sometimes I want to pull out a fully functional desktop OS based device out of my pocket. All these 7 inch devices don’t fit in my pocket so I would have to carry a bag anyway. In that case I’d just carry a small laptop.

    I didn’t buy a Viliv S5 because it doesn’t have a fully functuonal mouse pointer. If only Viliv would update it.

  • I welcome the tiny computer that is able to run a full fledge os, but the use environment is extremely limited, not to mention the interface with the computer will be a total pain.

    What I will really welcome is high quality and lightweight HUD (Head Up Display), the military often use this because they cannot put a monitor into their helicopter and jet plane, they even use HUD with overlay to give solders information without taking off their eyes off the target.

    Once the HUD is small, affordable and high quality screen. It will take off real quick by the consumer, imagine that you can work anywhere. Wearing HUD that looks like normal sunglass or reading glasses, reading email and typing away a business proposal, with portability and privacy.

    The HUD will be wirelessly operated, like a bluetooth device interfaced with a phone or a computer.

  • Avatar of yamete888

    Finally, some kinda competition, the Mobile Advanced Global Integrated Communicator (M.A.G.I.C.) W3 has more updated hardware than the XPPHONE…newer cpu, more memory, no physical keyboard, officially runs newer OS…but…will it be just vaporware, or like the XPPHONE, it’ll take like 2 years after the announcement to be available?
    Looks like parent company’s website is…if ITG’s “style” holds true for chinamediagroup/, then we’ll see tons of ads/factoids on the the product website for a long long time, promising this, promising that before even seeing the real shipping product…

    Overall, good idea for a product, but the execution of the business, marketing plan is going to be a yawner…

  • The Screen resolution is too low.

    Why not use 4.8inch WSVGA just like VILIV S5?

    Why not use Intel Oak Trail Processor? Can 3700mah battery suitble for long time use?

  • Avatar of receiver_on_the_account

    s8tan’s device. can you see the goat horns? the angle of that star on the back? LOL.

    in all seriousness.. I agree the resolution is far too low for it to be usable, practically speaking.

  • Avatar of Gearsguy

    Isnt that just the Viliv S5?

  • looks like something interesting but i think its not quite there yet


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