Amazon’s Android app store lets you try apps using a Flash emulator

I don’t like the fact that there are now many different app stores out there for Android, all with some unique apps that you can’t get anywhere else. It defeats some of the purpose of having an app store as it adds a level of confusion and having to send more time looking for an app than if you have it all in one place. That being said, Amazon’s new app store has some nice features, including the ability to “test drive” apps using an emulator. Obviously you’re somewhat limited in what you can do in the emulator, but it gives you a nice overview of the app.

You have to access the app store from the US to be able to test it out for yourself though, which is disappointing. I circumvented this by using my iPad and the iSwifter app which not only lets you view Flash but does so by means of a US based virtual computer. The video above is from using the app, so lag is due to the delay between here and the US server etc. Anyways, it’s a nifty feature Amazon has there- definitely better than just looking at screenshots.

[via Engadget]

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