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February is over, and you all know what that means

We had close to 2300 comments by the end of February, which isn’t bad in 6 weeks! We’ve had some nice conversations i the comment sections of the articles and I hope that continues even if there’s no contest running. The winners have been chosen for both the forum and the front page, and I was happy to see two names that I instantly recognized as frequent posters.

For the record, the original article clearly stated that comments “should have substance and add to the conversation”. Posting “I’m in” in the contest article doesn’t qualify as either. Remember that for the next contest, and with more than 120 articles on the site (and counting) there’s shouldn’t be any trouble finding something to comment on.

So without further ado, here are the winners!

Front page winner: M (that’s his whole nick, not missing anything)
Prize: Tablet of his choice up to $600

Forum winner: copeys
Prize: Kindle WiFi

We already have your email addresses from your accounts, so you will be receiving an email from Grahm whenever he can get his Xoom to cooperate for long enough to send off an email (it already failed that once today).


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