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Angry Birds Rio expected to bring pig-free fun to HTC EVO tomorrow, available for iOS today

UPDATE: Angry Birds Rio is now live on Android!


Angry Birds Rio is expected to make its exclusive Android debut on the Amazon Appstore tomorrow, but since the iOS version was just released today, I thought I'd give you a screenshot preview of what to expect when it's on your HTC EVO 4G.

If the Android version is identical to its iOS counterpart, then you'll be treated to 60 new levels equally divided between two episodes ("Smugglers' Den" and "Jungle Escape"), with more episodes to come in May, July, October, and November. Gameplay is the same but since this game is associated with the upcoming Rio movie, the premise is a little different. Instead of popping pigs who've stolen their eggs, the birds slingshot into structures to free birds, monkeys, and other animals that have been captured by smugglers.

Here are some screenshots of the iOS version, which still isn't optimized for the iPhone's retina display (the HD version is only available on the iPad):










Basing the game around a different plot is surprisingly effective in making Angry Birds Rio feel really fresh. The new achievements, hidden fruits, and "spectacular boss fight" already make it new, but it's also a nice twist to see the birds banding together to help their friends rather than destroy their enemies. The pigs absolutely deserve it, yes, but their smug smiles when you fail to pass a level can be rather infuriating. I'm not always in the mood to play a game that makes me mad.

Based on past Android releases and updates, Angry Birds Rio on the EVO should be almost identical to the iOS games. If anything, there may be fewer levels at first, but considering that this will likely be the game that gets people into the Amazon Appstore, I think it should at least be on par with what your iPhone/iPad pals are playing today.

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