App review: Sleep Talk Recorder for iOS

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Do you talk in your sleep but wish you knew exactly what you’ve been saying? Then I have just the app for you!

Sleep Talk Recorder is a simple app that’s still a lot of fun. You start it up when you go to bed, it counts down a preset timer (waiting for you to fall asleep) and the records the ambient sound while you sleep. It saves all the pieces of the recording that are louder than a certain volume, which would normally be any talking while you sleep. Then when you wake up, you get a list of audio bits from the night that will give you definite proof if you sleep talk and what you said if you did.

I’ve used the app for a few days now and it’s a lot of fun. I tend to sleep walk more than I sleep talk, but I do sleep talk as well. I think the most interesting discovery I’ve made with the app is that I sleep talk in English- which is pretty normal, unless you’re Norwegian like I am. I’m polite, too; this morning around 6AM I was apparently helping someone with something as the app has a recording of me saying “Oh, allow me!”. I guess it was inevitable, I use English more than my own language so I guess my sub-conscience skipped Norwegian altogether.

If you don’t get any funny recordings yourself, you can also listen to some from around the world. Be aware though that some of them sound very fake, though others sound both amusing and real. You can also share your own recordings with the world, if you want to, or post to Twitter and Facebook.Emailing the clip is also possible, if you want to share your ramblings with a specific person.

The app is iPhone-formatted with no iPad version available, but you don’t need that for this app. A microphone is all you need to make it work and the playback UI is very straight forward and in no need of the iPad’s screen real estate in any way. The app is $0.99 and will give you tons of fun if you’re a sleep talker. Just remember to use a charge with the device- it records constantly so it does drain your battery otherwise.

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