Ases EEE T101MT gets a CPU bump

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Back before the age of Android tablets and the iPad (also known as about a year ago) one of the hottest affordable tablets on the market was the convertible EEE PC from Asus. there were actually a couple of different ones, such as the T91, T91MT and T101MT. The latter will now come in a new version which is roughly the same as the first one, apart from a faster N570 dual core Atom CPU compared to the single core N450 that the first version came with.

The T101MT is basically a 10″ netbook with a swivel touchscreen that lets you close it over the keyboard with the screen facing out, making it a tablet. There are various versions of it but generally we’re talking 250-320GB of HDD space, 1GB RAM (upgradeable to 2GB) and multitouch when running Windows 7 Home Premium and above (some of the models ship with Windows 7 Starter, which doesn’t have that). There are also different batty options. Priced around $500 in the US and €500/£400 (depending on model) it’s right up there in the iPad 2/Android tablet range, of course you’re giving up some portability, battery life, sensors (gyroscope etc) etc in order to get Windows but that’s a sacrifice many are willing to make. The new CPU should make it a lot better, in any case. The upgraded model is already starting to pop up.


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