Benchmarks show iPad 2 GPU to be scary fast

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The iPad 2 got a nice boost from 256MB to 512MB RAM (3x increase in free RAM) and a nice dual-core upgrade for the CPU. The GPU upgrade though was said to be a 9x performance increase over the iPad 1, which means that games and other apps that use the GPU will get massive upgrades on the iPad 2. Anandtech is behind the benchmarks and the results show the iPad is ridiculously faster in every test. In fact it’s faster than the Xoom and iPad 1 combined, though that would be comparing Apple and oranges. I hoped they would stick with the old screen resolution and instead focus on improving the graphics on the screen they have, so I’m glad to see that’s what they did. I can’t wait to see what sort of games come out of this GPU bump- although the best games on the iPad are often the simplest ones anyways.


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Andreas Ødegård

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