Buy 3 Dell Streak 7 accessories from T-Mobile, get 30% off


When I was in a local T-Mobile store yesterday looking for Dell Streak 7 accessories, the guy ringing me up told me that I could save 30% on my entire purchase if I bought another item.

I was already buying the new home dock (compatible with both Streaks) and the gel skin that only seems to come in purple, so when he asked if I had the screen protector, I figured it was because that was the only other Streak 7 accessory that was on display. I told him I didn't want one (I hate screen protectors on glass screens) . . . and then immediately went to grab one after he said, almost under his breath, that I could get 30% off everything if I did. He also mentioned the store's 30-day return policy, which is something I'm sure to make use of soon.

This "buy 3, get 30% off" promo wasn't advertised anywhere in the store, but it's clearly printed on my receipt. I also just found evidence of the in-store special on T-Mobile's website and saw that "buy 2, get 20% off" is supposed to be part of it. The deal is only available at "participating locations" so there's no guarantee that your local store will give you the discount, but it's definitely worthwhile to find out, especially because it's not limited to Streak 7 accessories.

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8 thoughts on “Buy 3 Dell Streak 7 accessories from T-Mobile, get 30% off

  • I work for t-mobile, just as a heads up to all the buy 2 get 20%, buy 3 get 30% deal is a company wide promotion so as long as you go to a retail owned location not only will they honor it, they HAVE TO honor it because our POS systems automatically input the discount, it’s not optional. Awesome way to save some money!!!

  • I got that deal on Tuesday night too! I went to buy a dock and then he told me about the 30% off sale, so I loaded up :)

    Oh – Jenn – thought of a question for you. I had a high-powered car charger adapater that worked on my Streak 5, so I was curious if you have tried charging the 7 yet in a car. I want to buy another one, but don’t want to waste my money if it doesn’t work.

  • do they carry more streak cables for charging and data transfer?

  • They include extra cables with the dock, but not alone.

  • Bummer–I’d love to get 30% and buy three cables. Or buy the dock and two more cables. But if I buy the dock, there’s nothing else I want/need for my Streak. Or should I buy three things just to turn around and take them back? :P

    Any idea when this promo ends?

  • I have charged it in the car before but only with an AC inverter and a USB charger. I think the car chargers would be interchangeable. Are there two separate/dedicated ones being sold anywhere?

  • I bought one off of Ebay for the Streak 5. I read on the Modaco forums that it has to be an adapter with at least 1000ma rating. It worked like a charm after having gone through at least 2 or 3 that didn’t deliver enough juice to charge the darn thing. Think I’m going to try the same one again for the 7 – will keep you posted if it works!

  • I have seen the cables sold on Ebay for pretty cheap – might as well give them a try, since they are a fraction of the cost going through the Dell site.

    Not sure about the T-mobile promo end date :(


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