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Could the HTC Shooter be the HTC EVO 3D?


Benchmark results for a new device called the HTC Shooter (PG86100) have just been discovered on and based on the associated system information, which includes Android 2.3.2 and a 960 x 540 resolution (qHD) on an unknown screen size, many are assuming that it's the HTC EVO 3D expected to debut at CTIA next week.

Giving some credence to this assumption is the reference to Sprint and the identification of the Qualcomm Adreno 220 GPU (below), which has lead to the belief that the processor being used is a 1.2GHz dual-core MSM8660 Snapdragon. As a reminder, the older Adreno 200 is the GPU found in the EVO 4G.


These specs closely mirror those of the as-yet-unannounced HTC Pyramid, which is believed to headed to T-Mobile, so unless Sprint is getting its own version, the Shooter = EVO 3D theory is plausible. At the very least, this new device certainly has what many are hoping for in the next-gen EVO.

What do you think? Is this the EVO 3D and if so, is your EVO getting worried that its days with you may be numbered?

[GLBenchmark via pocketnow] Thanks, Terrance!

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15 thoughts on “Could the HTC Shooter be the HTC EVO 3D?

  • Avatar of Antione

    I am from the show me state. Not really, but seeing is believing. I’ll have to see it perform before I give up my EVO. Been with me since launch and we have a very special bond.

  • Avatar of Daniel L.

    I love my EVO to death but what can i say new gadgets always irk my interest.

  • my evo may be worried, but I have to get more info on it. the nexus s also peaked my interest…but my launch day evo has been very very good to me…once i rooted it.

  • Yeah – I’m willing to trade in my current EVO and potentially my ZuneHD for one of these puppies – EVO or not – with these specs. It’ll be a monster.

  • We cant be considered traders if remain in the android area with the evo family, we just cant give into apple or windows!!! Evo Is Strong!!

  • Avatar of Charles S

    I think it should be called the HTC Evo “Covet”, because that’s what everyone is going to do once it’s released…just like when the original Evo came out.

    Yea, I’ll miss my Evo 1st Edition, but as the natural progression of things, it needs to progress onto bigger and better specs.

    Hurry up CTIA…get here already I wanna see it!

  • Eleventh Commandment – THOU SHALT NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBOR’S EVO 3D! lol, j/k – take that, take that, take that!!! =0)

  • My Evo is rock steady at just a touch under 1.2ghz (not dual though)and a new hardware device would be awhile before it could be rooted, and matched with glitch free custom rom. And I doubt that it would have, say a 160g ssd or audiophile sound so I will wait 12 months or so and play more with a wifi Xoom that can tether to my 4g Evo.

  • I know that this may or may not be the new evo, but if it is why in hell would they call it the shooter? People want to hear the name evo! It has built a loyal following and for good reason… its a great product!!! Just call it the evo two or like someone here said” the evo covet” (i like that one) just don’t try and reinvent the wheel. I know we don’t know for sure but I’m sure most can agree with me.

  • That’s just HTC’s codename, like the Supersonic was for the EVO 4g. It’ll be renamed when (if) sprint releases it.

  • Avatar of Highdef2012

    I don’t care what they call it, just put a more sturdy kickstand on it..


  • Avatar of Blksoul327

    If this is the next step for the Evo. Can’t wait to get one. Just like everyone else, who got the Evo on launch day. My upgrade is close. I will be saving that for next step in EVOlution.

  • Avatar of Charles S

    I guess I’m gonna have to be a sinner…


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