DJ_Steve seeking help with ALSA on Dell Streak

Alsa-logo If you recognize that logo, then you're already a step ahead of me and you might be able to help out Dell Streak dev extraordinaire DJ_Steve.

The man behind all of the custom ROMs available for our 5-inch Android tablets is looking for Linux gurus who can help him in "setting up ALSA configs and testing them on the Streak."

Other than that ALSA stands for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, which I only know because of the AlsaProject's wiki, I know absolutely nothing about this. DJ_Steve said he's "more than a little confused" on how to get it working on the Streak and since I wouldn't know which hand to lend him even if someone drew me a diagram, we were hoping that some StreakSmart readers could help out.

It's the least we could do for the fellow who does so much for all of us.


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5 thoughts on “DJ_Steve seeking help with ALSA on Dell Streak

  • I speak linux. I’m no wizard, but I know how to compile software (./configure-make-makeinstall).

    I currently have streakdroid 1.6 and root console access to my phone. I’m not much on alsa development, but I’d be happy to take sources, compile them, and do some bug-checking and email back the logs.

    I also have a linux PC at home, if it helps. Running Kubuntu 9 or 10… haven’t booted it in a lil bit.

    Just got a few questions though…
    1) Does the underlying linux kernel use ALSA by default?
    2) Are you working on the next version of streakdroid, or working to get a native Ubuntu setup working?

  • the new kernel ill be using for 2.3 & honeycomb has alsa support and it recognises the streaks audio chip but i cant get the config files right to let me even try and play audio

  • Does the phone audio still work?

    I’m up for testing ALSA but let me know if I need to fall back to another device.

  • Avatar of Corey Cole

    Are you using ALSA as a replacement for the proprietary 3rd party sound libs Dell is currently using?

  • yep something like that corey :) might break hdmi but if it can be persuaded to work it should fix the audio problems :)


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