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EVOcade turns HTC EVO into portable gaming system


If you liked the idea of the EVO-Tainment gaming system but thought the execution was rather unwieldy, then check out G&E reader bradleyw801's more streamlined version of the handheld rig that mates an HTC EVO with some Wii controllers. We've named it the EVOcade and if you want to make one for yourself, bradleyw801 has kindly put together a quick tutorial and a video to show and tell you how to do it.

Here's what you need to make your own EVOcade rig:

  • Rooted HTC EVO 4G with wiimote app
  • Wii Remote
  • Wii Classic Controller Pro
  • Nyko Classic Controller Grip – only the clear plastic piece is used since the Pro controller already has grips
  • Windshield mount for EVO no universal solution for this, but here's a low-profile option to consider
  • Super Glue
  • Something to use as a spacer – bradleyw801 bought a roll of magnetic strip, cut/shaped it with a razor knife, and used it to fill gaps and provide more contact for the Super Glue

From bradleyw801:

Because the windshield mount I used wasn't universal, it may take some creativity to get a different mount on, but that's what the glue and magnets are for.

I ride the bus to and from work every day. [This] may look nerdy, but it's a conversation starter. I will start my game with this rig while on the bus, then when I get home, I remove the phone, and hook it up to my TV using FullHDMI and keep my game going.

The other nice thing about this is the controllers can still be used seperately. The light Nyko plastic and the windsheild mount don't add much weight to the already light classic controller.

Thanks, bradleyw801!

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