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In the ever secretive world of tablet pricing, RIM has finally decided to let the world know the pricing on their new Playbook, which is up for pre-order now at Best Buy. The new Tablet, which needs a tethered Blackberry phone to work check email, is coming at you for only $499 for the 16Gb model, and will be available sometime this Spring. The 32GB and 64Gb will both run $600 and $700 respectively. The Playbook has looked pretty darn good in the bits and pieces we have seen of it here at NBT, but the fact remains that this is a 7″ device which can’t operate independently on its own. What good is that? Why the heck would I want to be tethered to my phone to check email? If interested, the tablet is also available from Staples, Office Depot and RadioShack, as well asAT&T, Sprint and Verizon if you prefer the freedom beyond wi-fi.  Hit the break to see who else dropped the pricing bomb.

And just like that, T Mobile detailed the pricing for that 3D G Slate from LG that will come this Spring as well.  The 8.9″ Honeycomb packing tablet will run you $529.99 after a $100 mail-in-rebate and that’s only if you agree to a two-year contract, according to Engadget.  I’m not sure 3D is worth that much once you add in those monthly payments for 2 years, but I’m sure a couple of the folks out there might think otherwise. Who knows, those T Mobile 4G speeds might be worth it? Of course, AT&T might be where you want to end up in a year in the middle of that 2 year contract.

Anyone else starting to think that Apple will keep their insane lead in the tablet market? It really is a shame, but who’s really in the market to compete? Here we have 2 tablets, at the same price point or higher than the iPad, with smaller screens and less apps in their respective markets. Take the other things out, you can’t price a tablet with a smaller screen at the same price point of the bigger screen. These idiots running these tech companies simply don’t get it.

source: Engadget (G Slate), Engadget (Playbook)

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