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GoodAndEVO finally gets an HTC EVO forum!

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One of the most common requests I get from G&E readers is about creating a forum for our little community and for HTC EVO enthusiasts in general. I've been reluctant to do it for a number of reasons, but with the launch and upcoming release of the HTC EVO 3D, I finally decided to do it.

I already have a forum for Pocketables, one of my other sites, so that's where the new G&E forum is set up now. It's a sub-forum of the Pocketables Forum, so don't freak out when you click the new "forum" link up there in the navbar and find yourself being taken to a forum you don't recognize. You're going to the right place.

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Tapatalk is supported for EVO-friendly browsing and posting because forums are notoriously difficult and annoying to navigate on a mobile device. You'll have to navigate to the HTC EVO section first, but once you're there, just press Menu > Subscribe to add it to your Favorites for quick access from that point on.

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I hope you'll hang out at the new forum and use it to share tips, troubleshoot, connect with other users, ask and answer questions, learn from each other, and generally just enjoy the company of other EVO 4G and EVO 3D folk.

Visit G&E's new forum here and register here.

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11 thoughts on “GoodAndEVO finally gets an HTC EVO forum!

  • Jen…
    might just be me, but i’ve tried to register 3 times now and it keeps coming up “denied”. I know my math and the verification questions are correct :)
    can you check it out?


  • never mind, forth time was a charm. must have been user error

  • Hope that you can setup Forum Runner support. its 100% better than Tapatalk….

  • If I can set it up without removing/affecting Tapatalk, then I will definitely look into it.

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    Happy, happy, joy, joy! Thanks Jenn!

  • I cannot register. All I get is:

    “You did not enter the correct format for the Additional Verification field. Please read the field description for the expected format.”

    I KNOW I entered everything correctly! I did it many many many times and it is always wrong.

    Nothing is being blocked.

  • Send me an email with your desired user name and I will get register you manually.

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    I’m in the exact same boat as Paladin.

    Anyway, I can’t find your email anywhere so I’m just going to send you a message using the “submit news” tab at the top of the page. I think that’s what you meant. If you’d like me/us to contact you elsewhere, please comment back. Thanks.

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    I just tried again and it worked. I think the problem is that the Image Verification always shows 2 words separated by a space so I was typing in the space. I tried no space and it worked. It’d be nice if it said that no space is required. I’ve been to many sites that do require the space when they show 2 words.

    Although, when I was trying to register yesterday, I also tried the audio verification and that didn’t work either. The audio verification is more specific regarding what you have to type. Maybe I didn’t hear it right or maybe something was wrong with the site. Anyway, I’m in, yay me!

  • I tried it again this morning and it seemed to work. Weird… Maybe I did something wrong but I am unsure what :)

    Anyway thanks Jen! Good work on the sites BTW!

  • Avatar of steve gaudreau

    gee jenn i thought that was what this site was ,a forum, you already have all this good info and commentary. this site seems cleaner then the other sites i”ve een on . i recommend this site all the time to people with evos if they ask me questions about the phone. good job! :)


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