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How to convince your significant other to root her HTC EVO 4G

This guest article was written by MildlyDisturbed.

Androbarf If you're anything like me, then I feel sorry for you. 

You have a freshly rooted HTC EVO 4G running the cutting edge of custom ROMs, your battery lasts all day, you can take your movies with you and play them on a TV via HDMI, you can swap kernels to do what you want to do, you can set up a wireless hotspot so your iPhone friends can Facetime each other, you can monitor every last drop of juice left in the battery . . . and your significant other has an EVO she won't let you root because she witnessed the journey you took with your phone and all the failures that came with it.

She asks why her EVO is running so slowly and you have to say it's because Sprint Football, NASCAR, Gmail, Batteryminder, Wordfeud, Words with Friends, Qik, Media, Tango, Animated Wallpaper, Foursquare, Facebook, Maps, Lookout, Voicemail, Cardiotrainer, Groupon, Internet, Automated Task Killer, XFinity, Yelp, and a hoary host of other applications all want to load and take up memory, leaving next to nothing available for running programs. While explaining this, the battery alert pops up and you have to swap the battery out.

You mention that this could all be solved if the phone were just given to you for about an hour, but are told again that she just wants to "keep it simple" because she doesn't want to have all the bells and whistles or to see the face you made that time you thought you bricked your EVO.

If you're anything like me, then you might need something like this.

Your significant other is stuck on a stock EVO platform that while once great, now seems like a desolate computer lab with MS-DOS 6 and Duke Nukem 1 installed on every machine. You say (because she told you) that she doesn't care about the benefits of rooting, WiFi hotspot, responsiveness, playing movies out the HDMI, overclocking for performance, forcing applications to the SD card, underclocking to conserve battery, uninstalling bloatware, and changing ROMs as often as you change your underwear. So tell her that rooting allows more than that.

Tell her all of this too:

Note: Technically, you don't need root to push music or a boot animation to your EVO if you download the Android SDK and a Java Developer's Edition. However, when I downloaded and installed them, it took a long time to get ADB (push) working properly, so I think having root to do these things just makes it easier.


In the end, it's your partner's choice. Just remember that the stock ROM is the stick and the list above is the carrot; no matter how wrong it may seem to let someone you love go unrooted, you just gotta let them walk that walk.  Oh, but mentioning that rooting saves kittens might help too.

This guest article was written by MildlyDisturbed, who knows that not all significant others are women and doesn't mind if you substituted "she/her" with "he/him" while reading.

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