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How to create a custom HTC EVO car mount for less than $10

Evo-custom-car-mountThe last time we saw an HTC EVO 4G user make a car mount on the cheap, it was done using an inexpensive case from eBay and an old TomTom mount. Though the DIY project itself was very easy for others to do for themselves (directions: glue the case to the mount), it wasn't as "cheap" for those who didn't already have an unused mount laying around the house.

So when G&E reader Nick wrote in to tell me about a nice-looking custom car mount for the EVO that his friend Alex Grede created using a case and mount that could be purchased for less than $10 combined, it didn't take long for me to ask for a photo (shown at right) and some instructions on how you guys could make it yourselves.

You'll find all you need to know in the tutorial below.

What You Need

Mount Case



Other Tools You Need

  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Razor blade
  • Super Glue

What You Do

  1. Use pliers to remove the belt clip from the HTC EVO case. It'll take some force, but the clip will come off if you clamp on around the base of the case and pull.
  2. Remove the excess bits with a hacksaw, making sure to keep the blade parallel to the back of case. Clean up any additional rough spots with a razor blade.
  3. Use the hacksaw to cut off the top and bottom curved "wings" of the Garmin mount bracket so that the bracket is just a flat rectangular piece. If you use the hacksaw until the "wings" are cut through about 90%, you can bend them back with your hands and then cut them cleanly off with a razor blade.
  4. Sand the surface of the bracket and the back of the case until both are dull.
  5. Apply Super Glue to the sanded surfaces and stick the bracket and case together.

Thanks, Nick!

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